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Just me sayin whatever I want!

My daughter seems to be on this kick about ‘doing whatever she wants’ haha. Not in a bad way….It’s been kinda comical to see her ideas and how liberated she feels. Like, she can draw ‘whatever she wants!’ and she can do ‘whatever she wants’ She keeps asking me if she can play whatever she wants and I’ll say something like, “So long as you’re being kind, respectful, and not breaking any rules-of course” lol

I rarely get to do whatever I want, which is often a source of frustration for me. But, even though I’m not always free as a bird to fly whatever way the wind may blow me, I am sooo incredibly blessed to be tethered to these amazing kids, my imperfect husband who has done so much for us, and our safe home….It definitely makes me appreciate the rare moments I do get to do ‘whatever I want’ though.

Tonight after the kids went to sleep I enjoyed an amazing night with neighbors kid free, just talking and laughing. I listened to my music as loud as I wanted (headphones lol) and danced my heart out….and now I’m jamming to Celine Dion while I type this with a happy heart!

Little by little, I’m finding myself and my happy. Not sure how much progress I’m making on myself or my marriage, but things seem to be falling into place a little at a time
SunshineGirl · 36-40, F
Great feelings of freedom for you and your daughter! It's nice that she still asks permission from her mama though 🤗
@SunshineGirl She does crack me up lol. Sometimes she’ll ask me the silliest questions and I’m just shocked. You never need permission to go to the bathroom or get a healthy snack 😂
SunshineGirl · 36-40, F
@cherryxblossom Even the most intrepid little explorer needs a little parental reassurance 🤗
This is beautiful. 🧡
And she’s so funny. 🤭 That really is a cool thing to discover about life and play; that you can do anything you can think of.
Keeping yourself sane IS working on yourself & your marriage
@SomeMichGuy Very true. I’ve been noticing that I used to find him hilarious. These days i mostly find him annoying. Part of that is because he went through a huge change of beliefs which now clash with mine, but a big part is also that I’m often too stressed or exhausted to be bothered with jokes….which is kinda lame on my end. Gotta work on my sanity because I’m just getting boring and uptight lol
@cherryxblossom To be THAT self- & relationship-aware is impressive; I think you'll be fine, which ever way that goes.
@SomeMichGuy Thank you. We’re working on it!
Onasander · 41-45, M
"my imperfect husband who has done so much for us"

You owe him a steak dinner for that.
@Onasander ha! I’m practically his live in servant, 24/7. I give him everything I can. But, I’ll try to accept the humor lol
Lilnonames · F
good for you,when you all work as one its a happy family,enjoy that time

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