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Keep hope alive. It may reciprocate

This is old news but worth a reread every now and then, regardless of its grim exposition.

Hope is an incredibly powerful and often overlooked psychological force. During the 1950s, Curt Richter, a Denver native, Harvard Graduate and scientist with John Hopkins University, conducted a profound (and by today’s standards incredibly cruel) experiment on rats.

Dr. Richter placed rats into buckets of water and timed their ability to swim. Rats, who are apparently known for their strong swimming skills, lasted an average of 15 minutes before drowning. In a second experiment, Richter rescued the rats when he saw them begin to stop swimming and sink. When he took them out, he dried them off and gave them a short period of rest, and then, just as they were dry and rested, Richter put them back into the water. However, this time Richter identified a substantial behavioral change. The rescued rats swam longer than 15 minutes. In fact, they swam longer than 15 HOURS, ..four times longer than 15 hours. Thats right. That little bit of hope kept them swimming for nearly 60 hours. Thats 2½ days of straight up swimming all from a quick dose of hope.

Always remember to keep hope alive and it may be what keeps you alive in the end..

🤔of course there's always the possibility that were looking at tnis whole thing bass ackwards.. it could be that dispair kills and great expectations keep stupid rats kicking water for days...🤭😆😁 ok, ok, ok.. its hope.. ...whatever ir is, it's worth considering ... 😉

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