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I just don't understand the exaggerated worship of science by many today and why they've held it up as a force that would somehow solve everything.

Science is merely a tool for understanding a small part of the mechanics of this very temporary and transient world which is not our home. A world that is going to be destroyed someday. An illustration to put this into persepctive: say that science is the workings of the ocean and the life in the sea, but there is a whole other world and dimension of air above the surface that science says does not exist. When the fish comes up to the surface, which ultimately is bringing him closer to death so he's on his deathbed, he becomes aware of this whole other world that a lot of the fish don't know exist. Especially the ones that are like 10 miles deep in the dark abyss of the sea and that's all they know. And maybe once in a while the fish theorize about there being something more above, closer to the light, but the scientist fishes say, "you're crazy! It's just this. As far as the eye can see. The horizon of the seabed."

It is quite natural for human minds to discredit the supernatural. The miraculous is not necessarily unscientific, it is not the setting aside or overriding of laws. A miracle is simply God doing something according to certain laws of which we know nothing. To illustrate: If I had said, twenty years ago, I talked with a man the other day one hundred miles away, just as though he were ten feet distant from me, it would have been called a miracle, and why? Simply because there was then no law of acoustics known, by which the human voice could be transmitted one hundred miles; but, within time, such a law has been discovered, and our voices may be heard by our friends one hundred, or one thousand miles away, and it is not called a miracle. i doubt not there are ten thousand laws operating in the universe of which man knows nothing, to every one which he may truthfully say: I know the method by which it operates.

How can any sane person let such a limited and ephemeral tool destroy their faith in an eternal God and a much more real world that lasts forever? What a foolish trap many have fallen into. 1 Corinthians 3:19 does say, "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness."
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RedBaron · M
I suppose you are correct, considering that science hasn’t been able to prevent the existence of idiots like yourself. 😂
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