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41-45, M
Easy going and very open minded
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31-35, F
Here you go
41-45, M
For You Man
56-60, F
That would be amazing! Here’s a cheeseburger to go with the beer.
56-60, F
It may make you piss.... here’s another...
56-60, F
Then let’s get real, have a couple of bottles of beer and have fun!
56-60, F
Where shall we meet? I’ll only be wearing these....if in a restaurant, only an overcoat....
LOL thank youu
70-79, F
Thank you so much!
22-25, F
I am broke....
hot coffee for hot male...
I looked at you.
you're happy...
I'm happy for you....kisses
I do not like and never drank beer...
I return...
you drink beer...when you're watching football?
I love ice cream too