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Seduction Secret..

When you think of seduction, what comes to mind? Chances are, it’s some type of flirting or sexual innuendo. But what if your goal was to genuinely interest someone in a way that felt genuine, without resorting to sleight of hand? There is a way to do this, and it’s called seductive conversation. The seductive conversation is all about getting to know someone on a personal level and learning what makes them tick.
You can’t seduce someone who is not ready or willing.

In a way, whether the person is aware of it or not, to be seduced means allowing the other person to figuratively (even literally) touch a part of them that is open to it.

Be yourself. The one who is willing to let you in will let you.
You will know.
@samueltyler2 I guess one might argue the song could be interpreted as being consonant with the notion that " 'No' really means, 'Yes'."...

The girl is playing hard-to-get and the guy is pleading. She doesn't throw him out, but he counters every objection she has.

But I don't think it's rape or even forcing himself, and she doesn't give a hard, "No."

I think a far worse lyric is from "Walkin' My Baby Back Home", famously sung by Nat King Cole (transcribing from memory):

"She's 'fraid of the dark
So I have to park
Outside of her door in its light;

She says if I try
To kiss her, she'll cry--
I dry her tears all through the night."

I think it's meant to be a *wink* for the careful listener, but one could easily argue that the implication is that he's forcing himself on "his baby" after their public evening together; this seems to be consonant with the thinking that, "the guy has paid for the evening, so now the gal owes him a return on his investment"...
irishmolly72 · 51-55, F
@SomeMichGuy Or maybe a kiss is just a kiss and nothing more.
@irishmolly72 Quoting [i]As Time Goes By[/i]?
Coldplay · 56-60, M
The best kind of seduction is with a real connection and is with the mind. So much more fulfilling to know her interests, what she likes. And seduction is great when it is an all day thing….or longer.
Magenta · F
@Coldplay Indeed. As I said, [i]natural,[/i] not forced.
Coldplay · 56-60, M
@Magenta totally!!!
Magenta · F
Just being naturally who you are, and a little flirty is the best. If one is [i]trying [/i]to be, it's forced or manipulative. If one has a connection and chemistry, then it comes quite naturally.
Coldplay · 56-60, M
@Magenta and it’s rewarding!
DaddyP · 61-69, M
Can I put that on my profile? It’s a perfect compliment to my post.
thesailor · 31-35, F
@DaddyP Yes..sure
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
trouble is, my innuendo is so clever and witty, it goes over most people's heads... 🤔

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