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Update: yesterday date with a cancer ♋️ man

He never called again :/ never texted
I think he is not interested
I am a Leo ♌️ girl, I tend to be so straightforward and extroverted
I think my profile frightened him, he doesn’t trust himself and he is hesitant. Did u know that we decided to meet at the last minute ? So crazy
Or maybe he is just patient ? I take French guys very seriously, if they are interested they call otherwise « c’est mort» as they say.
twistedrope · 26-30, M
maybe he has a giant ego and couldn't handle your put togetherness. Maybe he wanted you to have more goals in life. There are literally an infinite amount of rational and insane reasons why one doesn't respond.

But there is no reason not to say "Oh shoot. I kinda wanted him" and be depressed for a while. So.. Get the ice cream out and do as I do, maybe re-watch mean girls after a few years. I enjoyed it ^^ or pirates of the carribean.
Perry1968 · M
You have your whole life ahead of you yet. Theres a match for everyone.
SilentSaturn · 26-30, M
Leo's are great. Probably too much for him tho.
DymondHed · 31-35, M
imagine thinking star positions have some impact on your personality lol
Workerbee · 31-35, M
Hmm maybe something you said or did bothered him?
mellie · 26-30, F
@mellie yeah and I am 2 years older than him
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