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When you’re 60, will you date a 60 year old woman?

My man was 65 and I 62 when we fell in love and got married....

None of us can even think of having someone else in our lives whether younger or older...


Thank you... 🙏🙏
@Soossie [c=4C0073]you look so young for your age, .. that is a true image of your soul, .. kind, happy and young![/c]

Thank you sweet Rowena... that's a very kind thing to say.......😘

And I promise that there is not a tad bit of any kind of cosmetic surgery or botax or shatever in me...🤗🤗🌹
Ambroseguy80 · 51-55, M
I find as I get older, my idea of a sexy woman gets older too 😋
WonderGirl · F
I'm 42 and have dated a 60-year-old man. I hope when I'm 60 some young man will want to be with me. Hoping I age well. So far so good.
I hope we both age well. I don’t want so be wrinkly. 😣@WonderGirl
WonderGirl · F
@DestinyCalling I have no wrinkles but my tummy is getting flabby. I don't want a saggy ass but I guess it's inevitable.
Maybe certain exercises can help. @WonderGirl
Yikky 😂😂@tacobell
likesnatural · 70-79, M
@tacobell Ed was a definite cradle robber!
Elessar · 26-30, M
@tacobell He's beautiful inside (the bank) 😌
[c=4C0073]when i'm 60 i'll date trump, get him to change his will and make everything mine, then lay him to rest 😈[/c]
Do that right now ! 😂😂😂@bapples
@DestinyCalling 😈 [c=4C0073]i'll leave him this little sticker as a message [/c]

Oster1 · M
If she is, OK.

Age has no rhyme or reason.

It just happens.
Hopefully I'm done dating people.
Probably the best decision. @SW-User
Allelse · 31-35, M
Nope, I'm gonna get me an 18 year old.
Allelse · 31-35, M
@Leggs Hahahahaha!!! That always happened to me in school, every year they'd try and isolate me in a class where I had no friends at all. Never worked though.
@Allelse pervy
Allelse · 31-35, M
@DestinyCalling And proud of it!!!
MrNightSky · 41-45, M
I seem to be attracted to women near my age (give or take 5 or so years). This has been the trend as i grow older. I wasnt into 40 somethings in my thirtys, but i totally am now! So i guess if this trend continues, then yes, i expect to be attracted to 60 year old women when im 60.
I like that attitude @MrNightSky
th3r0n · 36-40, M
Nope, I’m 39 and the woman I wanna marry is 21

If I have my way about it and happen to live that long, she should be 42 when I’m 60

If I don’t get to marry her, I won’t want to live that long and really hope I don’t
So you want young women even when you’re 89? Like when you’re 89 you want 39? @th3r0n
th3r0n · 36-40, M
@DestinyCalling nope, I want Briona (Brii) and nobody else

She is 18 years younger than me, so when I’m 89 I’ll want 71, because she will be, and I honestly rather die now if I can’t marry her

I would rather have her when I’m 89 and she’s 71 than a hot 18 year old when I’m 89

We age like fine wine. 😄🌸😊👌🏼@Soossie

BackyardShaman · 61-69, M
I’m in my 60s and always date women my age or a little older, always have and still do and I like it that way.
DragonFruit · 61-69, M
When I was 60, I was married to a 55 year old woman....she's now 62, and I'm going to be 67 this coming week.
Taters · 41-45, M
I might date a 70 year old woman now if she is willing
Carissimi · 61-69, F
You must be desperate ... give me a call.

I’m kidding! @Taters
Rhode57 · 56-60, M
I dont know because you never ask a woman her age . Yes I would date a lady my own age .
pdockal · 56-60, M
What's age have to do with anything
Carissimi · 61-69, F
This should be interesting.
ExtremeNext · 22-25, F
I would go up to 81
Haha , I wonder why ? 81 is extreme 😏@ExtremeNext
Rocknrod · 61-69, M
Im 64 and ill date women 18 to 80. lol
TheunderdogofNY · 31-35, M
Yes. If she will have me.
Tastyfrzz · 61-69, M
Monanorth · 31-35, F

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