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What’s your primary love language?

Mine is physical touch and I will drain internally if I don’t get it everyday.
Nanori · 26-30, F
Me doing their chores
chris62ca · 56-60, M
[@934648,Nanori] Is that your choice?
Nanori · 26-30, F
[@376657,chris62ca] ye
SaturdayhasTURDinit · 41-45, M
[@934648,Nanori] I know those feels!!! 🤗😆
Lexiluv · 22-25, F
Dic pics... Said no woman ever. 😂
ElSenordeLosCielos · 22-25, F
Acts of service
DearAmbellina2113 · 41-45, F
Words of Affirmation
KuroNeko · 41-45, F
Physical touch. But it means I am really sensitive to it, and I cannot stand being touched if it's not on my terms.
TurtlePink · 22-25, F
I’m so clingy so mine would definitely be touch. I be all over my boy in his space and in his pants. That’s my cock 🥰
BluntSm0ker · 26-30, M
I start speaking Korean when I have sex.
tacobell · 26-30, M
[@415169,BluntSm0ker] that sounds like quagmire
BluntSm0ker · 26-30, M

chris62ca · 56-60, M
Physical touch also.
Freetime · 51-55, M
Definitely physical touch too. I know how you feel.
Wallflow3r · 26-30, F
making weird noises
summerwind · 36-40, F
Ysetruoc · 46-50, F
For those with physical touch, what’s your partner love language?
Freetime · 51-55, M
[@750435,Ysetruoc] I try to be generous and do as many little acts of service as I can for her. Unfortunately, she doesn't like to be touched and for that reason she doesn't touch me much at all. It's gotten a little better over time, but I'm not going to lie - it's been very hard on me. I've been severely depressed at times.

I wish I had some great advice on how to manage it. About the only thing I have done that helps a little is to go for professional massages so I can experience touch.
Ysetruoc · 46-50, F
[@806802,Freetime] so sorry to hear that. I feel for you. Send you hugs
Freetime · 51-55, M
[@750435,Ysetruoc] Thank you. I know you're suffering too. I hope it gets better.
SaturdayhasTURDinit · 41-45, M
I don't know.

Person I gave my soul to could answer..... but she's dead now & I don't see ghosts, I'm a leo... too dumb for that ethereal rhetoric.
Receiving, listening, understanding and compromise.
Signals · M
Mine was once that
I learned to cope without
Ysetruoc · 46-50, F
[@1148565,Signals] how did you do that?
respect me always and I'll do whatever you want
the aroma of food cooking coming from my kitchen
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Words of Affirmation
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
BlueDream · F
Hear me & acknowledge me
Iwillwait · M
Barebum61 · 56-60, M
A stiff dick
ZenPearl · F
No clue
tacobell · 26-30, M

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