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"Prophets" ... and the so-called "Messengers of God"

Treat this post as you see fit. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has never been cheap. It is free, off course, but it cost God (the crucifixion of His Son) and the Old Testament prophets, the disciples of Jesus and many other believers everything. As example, Isaiah was killed with a saw by Manasseh, King of Judah, who sawed him in pieces. Zechariah was slain in the temple by Josh, King of Judah. Jeremiah was stoned to death in Egypt by Jews who lived there and Ezekiel was slain in Chaldea by the chief Jew also residing there. Habakkuk was stoned to death in Jerusalem by Jews and Amos was tortured and killed with a staff in Bethel. John, who also, amongst others, wrote the Book of Revelation were boiled in oil and died much later. Peter, Paul, Stephen and others were all killed violently and horribly. So was most of the first Christians persecuted and killed, and we can elaborate on many of them through the centuries after Christ. My point is: Bringing the True Word of God to others bears great responsibility, accountability and cannot be treated as just another day at the office. Any person claiming that "God says this" and "God told me to tell you" or prophecy in the Name of God has to make very sure that indeed what they proclaim to others is the Word of God, straight from the heart of God, and to the audience intended. We don't have the right to throw stones into a bush and hope it hits someone.
The World has seen many "prophets" come and go. Some still roam the streets, have big yearly gatherings and pretend to still hold the office as a prophet even though, if you efforted to trace their so-called prophecies back a year, two years, a few years, you have the evidence that they are not prophets after all, and are at most motivational speakers and soothsayers. The standard for prophets according to the Word of God is truth with an accuracy of no less than 100%. My hope is that people proclaiming to be preachers and prophets fully comprehend the enormous cost of salvation, the preciousness of The Word, the responsibility of preachers, prophets and Evangelists and the value God place on every person who receive His message.
SDavis · 56-60, F
What person do you know that has not seen death or will not see death. The Bible States it is appointed to men to die - so whether one is a prophet or as you say so-called messenger of God - they will die. And billions have died horribly threw out the lifespan of mankind who were not affiliated with the ways of God.

The Bible speaks of two that's Enoch and Elijah who God took.
Try to understand exactly what it means for "salvation" to be free. Otherwise you are just another blind leader of the blind, irrespective of your own presumption of being a "true prophet".
Thing about it is, anybody can say God said anything, and God isn't going to say anything to contradict them. Ask me why.

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