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You know those books that tell religious fanatics how to argue with atheists? or a book for atheists on how to argue with fanatics?

What would be the fundamental way, these books portray how to argue? I would imagine the fanatic book would explain how to annoy an atheist into leaving. And an atheist book would try to explain reasoning, and ultimately say it's futile. What do you think?
FreeSpirit1 · 51-55, F
People with faith will not be dissuaded by argument, My mom was religious and my dad wasn't so I grew up with how to see both sides.
FragileHeart · 22-25, M
Yes that's basically it.

In most debates I don't even try to argue whether God is real or not cause that would be pointless.
It's rather about how their believes affect people of other religions and of no faith and how, if their religion is being used as an argument or even the basis of new laws could do great harm to people. Unfortunately some are unhinged and are fine with the suffering of others due to christianity.
pride49 · 26-30, M
@HoraceGreenley yes, a typical cartoonist opinion
@pride49 A typical misspelled cartoonist opinion😉
Adstar · 56-60, M
Most atheists i have dealt with don't use logic.. They use personal insults denigration and emotionalism.. their basic train of thoughts go something like the following..

You believe in God.. I think God is evil therefore anyone who believes in God must be evil too and therefore i am going to hate on you..

You believe in God.. I think God is silly, therefore your a moron and i am going to mock you..

You believe in God.. God scares me so shut up..I'm running away now..

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