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wtf is wrong with people who don't understand time zones?

i constantly get business calls on my cell at odd hours. they know business hours are from just now and it's 6:30am. i've gotten calls at 4am before also. the callers know i'm on the west coast of canada...would you people in the east get your shit together and learn time zones and just wait a few hours before calling?
Fairydust · F
Same! I keep mine on silent now.
Amazing, isn't it? Our corporate partners are from all parts of the world. You quickly learn when you can and cannot schedule calls/meetings...yet some people just don't get it.
@BizSuitStacy so im in canada. one time an american customer called me at like 7am. i hadn't looked at my phone all day long. by the time i checked the message it was too late. the next day same thing. i was at home about to leave for work and he got all pissy with me because i didn't call him back yesterday...i said sir, it was a holiday in was our thanksgiving....he said oh...sorry
@beermeplease That's a supreme lack of awareness. My business partners were good about it, but sometimes unavoidable shit would happen and I'd get pinged at weird hours.
ServantOfTheGoddess · 61-69, M
I have lived in a number of different time zones and I have always found this confusing.

Why don't you shut your phone off during your sleep hours though?
@ServantOfTheGoddess when i sleep my phone is in another room and i wont hear it. but i'm up now drinking coffee and watching the news
Turn your phone off. That's what my hub does with his work cell because don't think. And they don't all know your time zone.
Lilymoon · F
it's 9:41 am here what is it there 6:41 am? 🤨
@Lilymoon yes...i just got a call from a guy in new brunswick...i even know its 10:30 out there.
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