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I had a nightmare about my ex again 😂

We were at what seemed like a Denny’s and our waitress was very sweet and attended to us very well. I remember her making a joke and I laughed. My ex didn’t laugh. In fact she started to look annoyed.

Our server ended up getting awkward and going back to work. Throughout the whole time we were there, my ex was sending food back and being extremely rude to her and when i’d get mad at her about it, she’d go “why do you care?! Do you like her or something?!” And I would just stare in confusion. She’s been a server, I didn’t expect her to treat other servers like this.

At the end, I got the bill and was going to tip her well because a bitch got paid and that poor girls didn’t deserve any of that.

My ex takes the bill and looks at it and goes “why are you giving her that much?! You must like her” and I go “she deserves that much since you were being such a bitch towards her for no reason?” My ex tells me to change the amount and I go “no…”

She gets up and walks out.

The next part is it being my mom’s bf’s birthday and we’re trying to celebrate. I like him so I want to be there and celebrate with them, he sees us like his kids. He’s always been around.

My ex is there trying to get me to leave with her because she wants to go out for drinks and stuff. I tell her later, I just want to be with my family right now. And I’m also still upset with her about earlier.

She gets mad at my response and walks off and I go looking for her but can’t find her. I’m trying not to let anybody know what’s going on because I don’t want to ruin the vibe or let them know how ridiculous she is.

She ends up calling me and crying on the phone, telling me how she hates that I don’t want to spend time with her. And that I’m not treating her right.

I thought to myself “first of all, I don’t even know how we ended up back together? I know I didn’t consent to this” and I wake up.

When I have dreams about her, we’re always back together and I’m always confused as to how it happened. Cause I know I would never want to put up with this stupid shit again lol.
You’re subconsciously working your way through the traumas she has caused you. Her calling the victim card is another of the narcissistic traits.

I hope with time that you’ll be able also to have left her in your dreams. 🤗
Selah ·
She sounds stressful omg. I can see why you're having nightmares
@Selah it was like walking on eggshells, I wasn’t even allowed to be mad at anything cause it makes it worse 😂 I couldn’t be myself
Northwest · M
Next time you’re at Denny’s, overtip. Part your healing process.

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