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If you had a partner in prison would you sign a petition for conjugal visits?

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Yes I would
No I wouldn't
Phone sex is enough
I wouldn't wait for a person in prison
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Well I'm sure not many here have their partner in prison but I'm curious if you have or did would you fight for physical contact with that person? I will say having someone in lockup while in a relationship is fucking hard. I just want him home to cuddle him, love on him, enjoy him. If I didn't love this man I wouldn't put up with it honestly. I am able to see him 4 times a month but in a way it's a bit of a tease, We definitely stretch the limits touch each other as much as we can wink 馃槈馃槣. Shit so him and I were talking about signing a petition for conjugal visits. Only 5 states in the us allow conjugal visits. So annoying honestly. To have even an hour to enjoy him would be amazing. So who would sign a petition to have physical contact with the person you love?
Anielka51-55, F
If my partner got himself in prison he'd be on his own because I would cut ties with him on everything especially if we weren't married, if we were married I would ask him for a divorce, I never understood why women stay with their partner after he's sent to prison and worse why marry them while they're in prison, keep in mind that my point of view is with someone that has no criminal history.
Sassyhippie31-35, F
@Anielka everyone is open to their own opinion. Like i said if I didn't love him as much as I do I'd just move on. It's so fucking hard and don't suggest it for anyone honestly
helenS36-40, F
If I had a permanent partner and he were in prison I'd do anything for him, and I'd wait for him to come back to me no matter how long it would take. I'd wait patiently.
Sassyhippie31-35, F
@helenS yup lying and cheating I don't tolerate ever. I know my worth and what I have to offer someone and there's always more fish in the sea.
helenS36-40, F
@Sassyhippie Yes and you look very attractive (if that's you in the profile). It would not be difficult for you to catch a lot of fish.
Sassyhippie31-35, F
@helenS yup that's me and thank you very much I appreciate it and I definitely have options lol
Muthafukajones46-50, M
I had sex with a guys wife while he was in prison. His wife told me that she had let him listen to us a few times and then she would just answer his calls when we were doing it after that. We all enjoyed it so why not! I dated her for months!
spice146-50, M
I wouldn't do that to her or put her thru the hardship, if we were married I would sign a divorce and let her move on, I got myself into prison so it's on me.
spice146-50, M
@Sassyhippie if I may ask what got him in prison?
Sassyhippie31-35, F
@spice1 I don't wanna put it here can I dm you
spice146-50, M
@Sassyhippie of course.
It depends as to why they are in prison for...if they've committed a demented crime, I might very well want to get divorced and move out of state.
But, if it was a misunderstand over momentary stupidity, sure I could still stay in the relationship.
DrWatson70-79, M
I sure would.

But as for your situation, I am sure that for a prisoner, it means a great deal to know that someone on the outside feels about him the way you do!
Sassyhippie31-35, F
@DrWatson yes it sure does
wonkywinky51-55, M
There shouldnt be even such a thing.Youre in prison,not a holiday camp.
meggie36-40, F
It depends what he was in prison for. If it was something evil, then no.
CoconutMilk22-25, M
It鈥檚 a must
Sassyhippie31-35, F
@CoconutMilk RIGHT!!!
Can't imagine situation in which this relationship survives her getting herself in prison. Think that would fall into the "last straw" kinda thing for me.
Sassyhippie31-35, F
@Stillwaiting don't need to be rude or judgmental if you don't like the question or what I'm doing move on to the next question or whatever
@Sassyhippie There was nothing in my response intended toward you or as any judgement of you. Was simply answering your question.
Heartlander80-89, M
Just the mention of this topic suggests that our prison, incarceration and justice systems are designed to instill more hatred, resentment and anti-social in those who are confined.
Sassyhippie31-35, F
@Heartlander yeah the shit I see and hear is ridiculous. Rehabilitation my ass
Depends on the crime.

I would probably be contemplating to change my name and move to a different city.
tacobell26-30, M
I would just leave and find someone else
AlwaySmilez22-25, F
@tacobell 馃憜馃徎馃憜馃徎 This

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