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I Love And Marriage

A problem afoot is rearing its ugly head chez nous. Three weeks of sustained nagging has resulted in a well measured shopping trip to Ikea. Ordinarily wild horses will not get the man himself in there, but wild horses are no contest for the shrewish tongue. A storage solution turning the tiniest bedroom into an uncluttered boxroom for less than £500 is coming unstUck. Who knew there was quite so much essential crap in our house? Is there no end to this bric a brac hell? How do normal people manage to keep their houses neat and tidy - and have all their rooms functioning as rooms?

I suppose we could build a wing on the house
firefall · 61-69, M
expanding space would just expand the amount of stuff you wind up keeping. The only way is to be ruthless, I'm afraid. Anything you havent needed in 12 months, you're never going to need, so bin it.
damselfly · 100+, F
[@1725,firefall] i would have no problem at all with that. In fact i sometimes ask the neighbours if they'd mind me putting stuff in their bin
Brawny · 41-45, M
The key is picking up after yourselves, if not immediately, then at least at the end of the day.
damselfly · 100+, F
[@684304,Brawny] fat chance of that happening!
Brawny · 41-45, M
[@136091,damselfly] lol!
GarciaMarquez · 56-60, M
Normal people don't. Maybe that wasn't a real question. I find this communication thing so difficult but at least my house is tidy (and empty).
ninjavu · 51-55, M
I find that my approach not to acquire so much in the first place to be reasonably effective.
damselfly · 100+, F
[@648944,ninjavu] Well I've trained some of my friends to give me bottles of whiskey for birthdays, etc, rather than "stuff." My heart sinks when I get "stuff." But some people simply won't be trained, and they get me stuff no matter what suitable gifts I give them
ninjavu · 51-55, M
[@136091,damselfly] Yes, like you my heart sinks when I get "stuff". Someone I won't name gets me piles of "stuff" for Christmas, and it just feels so wrong when most of it hits the bin a week later. An incredible waste of nature's resources. But bottles of whiskey are environmentally friendly; the whiskey takes up no space, and the bottle can be recycled!

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