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Why do people often think biracial/multiracial people are confused or conflicted about who they are?

I saw some post about someone being against interracial relationships and they mentioned the kids of those relationships will be confused and conflicted about who they are or where they belong.

I never felt that way. I've always been under the impression that I'm just me and I don't need to particularly fit anywhere specifically.

I don't think we feel out of place or confused until someone purposely makes us feel that way.
Ikr. I'm not a bi-multi-racial person but I never understood how or why that was important
@Babylon me neither especially in 2022
5lutmuffin · F
It's easy to remain ignorant about things they dont care about. Their opposition towards interracial relationships probably stems more from their own racism than about their concern for the future children.
BackyardShaman · 61-69, M
I know several bi racial people sme of the most balanced people I know. People that say what you posted about are showing they are openly racist and shallow.
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@SW-User agreed
The ignoramuses' who think bi-racial people are confused are bigots and racists who only see the skin colors not the human beings.THEY are confused! Maybe one day we will all be the same color and the ignorant will STFU!
There is only ONE race!!!
Im half irish and half German.

But also 100% Australian.

I don't feel a need to push my ancestry on anyone.

I am who I am.

That's all thats counts .

And yeah...seen that post .

Honestly...some people just perpetuate racism 😞
Innsegall · 41-45, M
@OogieBoogie So you are full European... That's not mixed race. Get off the band wagon.
@Innsegall ahhh, see !

Its how people choose to identify ethnicity.

If someone was half Moroccan and half Tanzanian, are they not mixed ethnicity.
WHat about half Russian and half Chinese? French and Sicilian?

Thinking that "mixed race" is a band wagon, is the VERY thinking that perpetuates the idea of racism into an issue.

Where does one draw the line?

If ethnicity is a cultural identity, and certain characteristics, then then my examples comply .

If I can have friends who identify as aboriginal because they are decended from them, then I can choose from my ancestry what I identify as.

But I agree...its silly.

We are who we are.

In fact , we are, and will continue to become more so, a ethnically blended population .

And if I was to get technical - in fact: we are all one race.

But thankyou for showing that race is an abstract thing , a perception .

There are some places in the world where even a cast can define a person .

Its the 21st century....we need to let it go.
Innsegall · 41-45, M
@OogieBoogie It is silly. The same people who say there is no such thing as race only ever say this(or aim it at) white people. But when referring to oppression or slavery or any other historical grievance, all of a sudden whitey does exist as a race, which must pay for the crimes of their ancestors in blood or money. It's only the 'anti-racists' who perpetuate racism. Again they say that there's no such thing as race, but we must have equality,sorry 'equity' between the races. i.e. provisions within society to raise or help other races to the level of white people. The jews never required any assistance rising through the ranks of our elite. They did that by themselves. But the 'anti-racists' scream from the high heavens that whites need to help blacks, by diversity initiatives which give placements, industry positions or governmental positions, not based on merit but on the colour of their skin, by the endless cry for reparations, by shorter custodial sentencing because they commit more crime... and its not their fault. Jews have been in America(in any great numbers)for less than half the time of blacks and they control nearly everything, without any help from white people. 'Anti-racists' are the most racist because they believe that black people are inferior to the rest. That they can't do anything on their own merit.
NickiHijab · F
Did you always feel firm in your identity or did it take time to reach this point?
@NickiHijab I guess in a way I lucked out because my mother is mixed also and that is probably the one good thing she did for me. She pretty much raised me with that mentality
I've never heard of that ever. Sounds like they are the ones confused tbh.
Ah yes, [i]that[/i] post 🙄
@BeefySenpie I'm surprised it's still up
In the U.S. it used to be very, very simple for some of us. If you had a black parent and a parent of any other race, you were black. Period. You experienced all of the discrimination of any other black person. Even on one’s birth certificate it might say “Parent: Caucasian Parent: Negro Child: [b]Negro[/b]. Even now, many of my generation describe themselves as “black with a white, Native or Asian parent”.
I like to pick and choose
It's an excuse racist persons make for opposing mixed marriages.
-Corvus Blackthorne

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