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Who do you think is better in body, my wife or my sister-in-law?

Pfuzylogic · M
I’m sure i have seen them somewhere before.
Edit: They told me that you need to quit blurring their faces!
leahlikes · 18-21, F
both gorgeous bodies why try to choose
Applepiedom · 56-60, M
Take their clothes off and I'll tell you
DiegoWolfe · 36-40
I cant say till both bodies are tanned, but the orange dress is a darker hair which always spiffs my jimmies
HappyCamper74 · 46-50, M
Both look gorgeous! The only way I would turn either down would be face down. Lol
Nitedoc · 51-55, M
Why is your post listed under incest?
@Nitedoc because my wife has sex with her sister
Nitedoc · 51-55, M
@MyTinyWives I guess I didn't see that part.
samueltyler2 · 80-89, M
your sister in law looks underage.
@samueltyler2 hahahaha, no 19 years
samueltyler2 · 80-89, M
@MyTinyWives so, just barely. Both are very slender. Do they have curves when nude?

Be careful about underage rules.
Eyecing · M
Both are great! I like the orange dress better though..
oldercanuck1 · 70-79, M
hard choice ,,, but the one on the left arouses me more
samanthaX · T
I love both bodies, I would have them together ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Northwest · M
Why are you looking at your sister-in-law?
Both are nice but your wife wins
samanthaX · T
I love both, I don't want to choose ♥️
They both look equally hot!
Domking · 61-69, M
Your wife gets my vote
DaveE54 · 51-55, MVIP
Sister in law for me
Nitedoc · 51-55, M
It's a toss up.
BeachGirl47 · 26-30, F
Both look good
LandOfOz · M
one in blue
MarineBob · 56-60, M
Lilnonames · F
Did you know the blur doesnt work when the pic is small

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