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Depressed boyfriend broke up with me?

As the title says. On Saturday, he suddenly broke contact from me, and didn't say a word why. I spent all weekend wondering what I did wrong to him.

On Monday, I finally spoke to him face to face at work. He asked me what was wrong, so I asked him the same thing. He explained that he was in a tough place at the moment. I asked if that was why he dumped me, and he said no. I said, "You don't do that to someone you claim to like."

He said that if it wasn't for his dad, he wouldn't be here today. I asked what he meant, and he said that he tried to kill himself, and that his dad was the one who found him. I personally don't think he could lie about something like that, because both of his brothers killed themselves.

I eventually got around to asking him where we stand, and he said to still be friends. He said he still has feelings for me, but everything's got to him right now. I think he tried to do that because his baby mama kept him away from his daughter, because I know he would never do something like that while she was with him.

This isn't the first episode he's had of depression, either. He had a similar episode last year, but we weren't dating back then. So, I've ruled out that he's said that to get rid of me.

He also said that he still wants to meet up with me, and that we'll talk about it.

I know some people are going to tell me to move on and not look back, but I don't want to make him feel like he has nobody. What can I do?
Thanos · 31-35, M
Be patient with him he needs your attention right now don't push him :) its very sweet of you to even considering sticking around most people would leave right away
WishfulCreations · 22-25, F
I won't push him away. I think I might ask if he's up for a coffee and chat sometime this week or next if he feels up to it. But, I don't want him saying yes and not turning up. But, I understand depression can do that also. I know most people wouldn't want to put up with it, but it's nothing I've not experienced before. I know how it must feel for him, as many others do.
Thanos · 31-35, M
@WishfulCreations: i wish more people were patient as you
Sepia · 36-40, F
He ask for time and doesn't even give her lol. She deserve not to be infected with those issues it'll be good if she had him friendzone so he'll learn how to respect her
StevetheSleeve · 31-35, M
That dude is going to keep stomping on your heart if you stick around. His issues sound serious but you'll make them your issues if you don't get out.
Sepia · 36-40, F
You love him I think But he has that habit of going to you whenever he likes....doesn't give time to get to know you though don't be a doormat. Get him friendzone ;)
Be his friend, but don't let yourself be used. He's set the terms of the relationship, but when someone wants to go from being a romantic partner to a "friend", it generally doesn't mean sex, unless you're okay with becoming a "f*ck-buddy". I'm sorry for your situation, it sounds terribly disappointing. Hope he gets the professional help he appears to need.
WishfulCreations · 22-25, F
Me too and thanks for the advice. I just don't understand it, but I guess he really doesn't want to be fussed about. I think personally he needs to call a crisis or suicide hotline, and I'm going to be with him every step of the way.
Sepia · 36-40, F
@bijouxbroussard well said Auntie :)

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