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How do I get a boyfriend?

I am now 25 and I have never had a boyfriend. I sometimes become so sad when I see couples or my flat mates enjoying time with their significant other. I am also praying and hoping I will be blessed with a SO (husband). I am 5ft4 and curvy and I sometimes feel insecure about this. All the ladies I see in relationships are physically fit and I am not. I am really busty, short and cute-ish. I am not your blonde bombshell. I don’t go out a lot. I was experiencing depression for a while due to some trauma and low self esteem that came from it... etc!

Anyway, I am working hard now. I don’t know if I should lose 50-70lbs and become really slim.... then try. But the truth is I am lonely. I have accomplished much for my young age but I would like to have a man to call my own. A man proud to be seen with me in public etc.

I’ve been sexually active before. Now celibate due to religious reasons.
Acadiaisgone · 22-25, F
Go out. Go somewhere you never usually go, (where you can meet people of course). Try a dating app, but be careful with that as well, lol.
Love yourself, sweetie. Posture and carriage says a lot about your self-image. I have known many women who did not look attractive in my eyes. but always had men around them - not because they were easy, but because they were confident and that's attractive.

Do what you need to do so you can believe you've got what it takes, and people around you will believe it too.
I was the exact person like you some 3 years back. I had low self esteem, would desperately seek for a boyfriend, get jealous with most of my female friends. But then I tried focusing on myself rather then others and surprisingly it get better for me. Yeah it did took some time but now I never went back to the same old version of me.
Lonelymanik · 31-35, M
Busty and short is sexy.. there are guys like me who are in to girls like u.. well being fit is also good but becoming too thin won't make u look good coz for some ppl their own body is better looking . Fit Makes u more confident but that doesn't mean u r less attractive..
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
are you really ready to complicate your life? what about your career, future, where you want to live and all that other fancy stuff.
Also, make sure you aren't telegraphing 'stay away' messages because you're not sure of yourself. A LOT of dating/romantic communication is body language. Don't cross your arms to hide your bust. That says 'stay away'. Don't slump, that says 'I'm not interested'. Don't be afraid to show your interest in someone by using eye contact, a hand on his sleeve when you're talking or laughing. Men are just as fragile as women, and they don't like to risk making a move if they might get shot diwn.
NeuroticByNature · 41-45, F
The most attractive thing on anyone is confidence. It helps to smile and make eye contact.
SerenitiesScars · 31-35, M
Focus on being physically fit and not so much about the weight... Look up on the internet proper weight for someone your height and sex... And just focus on exercising when you can and eating healthy... Which is kind of the opposite of calorie watching.

Things like the atkins diet have worked for me. You can still have your meat, fruits, vegetables, and dairy but cut out all sugars and breads.

You could try and find another diet type if you prefer. Good luck!
blazingrahul · 41-45, M
Most good life is when u single I experienced that

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