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Why is it easy for some people to find a partner right away?

Like, they break up with someone after years of being in a relationship and they're with somebody else a month later.

Or they keep finding many people to date in a short amount of time.

How do they meet all these compatible humans so easily? 馃馃槸
Pinkstarburst51-55, F Best Comment
I didn't find my one and only until I was 41 years old Jupi. I know the frustration and disappointment. Those you mention have trouble being in their own company. They do not know how to be alone and find value in themselves only when they have another on their arm. I wouldn't be so quick to call them compatible's more out of convenience or possibly desperation.

YOU will find your lobster Jupi. I know it doesn't seem like it, but you will. Stay true to yourself and embrace the amazing woman you are. There is truth in the cheesy saying that the best fruit is the hardest to reach. One day there will be someone who will climb the tallest ladder to reach you.

[@6912,Pinkstarburst] Thank you so much, I really appreciate that <3 馃 This gave me a little more hope and I really hope that someday soon he shows up
Pinkstarburst51-55, F
[@381079,JupiterDreams] You're very welcome. Trust me...he's gonna show up when you least expect it AND he may not even be what you had in mind. Hubs and I were a blind date. First time I saw him I thought, "Oh HELL no!" It took me a while to warm up to him but the redneck was persistent. 馃槈 I'm just saying you never know when or where.

[@381079,JupiterDreams] 馃槅
mrlopez26-30, M
[@1055099,BettyBeez] this is why i would rather die then go to prison
[@1161949,mrlopez] 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
It may seem that way... but those relationships don鈥檛 last. They move on quickly from one person to the next. No happily ever after for them.

Jupiter... you鈥檒l find your happily every after when you least expect it. Don鈥檛 compare yourself to anyone else... you鈥檙e in a league of your own.
[@381079,JupiterDreams] I always thought I would never find my Mr. Right... but I did when I wasn鈥檛 looking and we鈥檝e been together for 20 years.

If it can happen to me... it can happen to anyone.
[@107498,submissivelittlewoman] Aww, that's so sweet <3 I'm glad you did 鈽猴笍 yayay
[@381079,JupiterDreams] and you will to 馃挏馃
zeframcochrane22-25, M
My dad cheated on my mom for 20 years and fathered a daughter with another woman. This was after he screwed his way through a lot of other women and broke their hearts in his late-teens, early-twenties.
Ontop of this he cheated on BOTH of those women for at least a year with my stepmom, whom he was living with well before he and my mother actually divorced and has been with for close to twelve years now.

Ontop of THIS: He's cheated on my stepmom at least once, I know this for a fact.
Plus he dated her friend for a short period while they were separated and they were only separated for like 3-4 months.

My brother has also fucked probably north of 50 women over the course of his years through the Greater Sudbury, Toronto, Thompson and Winnipeg areas and even now where he's married to his fiance (who was a virgin when they met) he revealed to me once that he in fact cheated on her.

Imagine people's shock when they hear this and then I tell them I'm a virgin still at 24 waiting for the right woman and still have my purity ring (no, not marriage or religion, just personal integrity). My faithfulness and loyalty to my woman extends when she's not yet in my life. Even if she's not faithful to me the same way, I'll deal with that when it comes. At least she'll know how to suck a dick :P.

Also...I'm just scared of people physically touching me.
No one has ever wanted to touch me ever.
Which is funny because my brother is somewhat of a fat guy and during the course of the pandemic I kicked my drug addiction and started working out and I'm ripped now.
[@8664,zeframcochrane] Aww, very interesting 馃槸 I'm glad you kicked the habit btw 馃尫
zeframcochrane22-25, M
[@381079,JupiterDreams] Thank you. So am I.
tk999941-45, M
They鈥檙e not always compatible. If they鈥檙e going straight from one into another with out taking proper time to get over the first person and get to know the next person, then there鈥檚 a good chance that it鈥檚 probably based mostly on sex, but everything else may be very incompatible. This will lead to trouble have to click in many different areas for a relationship to really work and last, not just sex.
It鈥檚 better to be single than to be with the wrong person (from experience).
[@1135204,tk9999] That is true too 馃樅
Do you really think that they dont always have a list of potentials that they keep close? Every female I've ever dated has always lied to gain advantage.. I'm not judging. I still love them dearly, even my first love, I'd take her back with no hesitation.. I'm simply stating a fact, that people primarily stay in a relationship until the passion has cooled down and then they jump on the first logical choice of most benefit, who has hit on them.. most people are twisted on desire and cant understand that all they need is inside.. so that one you saw them with a month later, they were seeing two months before they left you..

Spiders are cunning, only idiots dont understand what nature is saying when you watch how the female spider treats her mate.. ; be source and then you can love your females and male spiders regardless of how they treat you, because you already know it's coming and you did not attatch, knowing a govt system that devours will create citizens like it.. it ain't really their fault, that no one woke them up yet..
[@1199560,Jdanielb] As a woman, I've never been like that 馃槸
[@381079,JupiterDreams] well then you have my heart.. and I'm glad I didnt find you instead of the bad ones cuz then I'd still be a coward ass pussy... blessings to you little dove.

I regret that my statement was slightly one side but I made sure to include men as well; I am speaking from a man's perspective.. thankyou for not taking offense .. I'd cherish a girl like you now that I'm born a new, I my self have never been like that either, I just began observing people closely, when everything kept failing. And my statement was said result of said observation.. now I know god well and I'm a dragon with Angel's wings..
A combination of:

1. Internet

2. Abundance of people looking for company, but not necessarily the perfect relationship.
[@9416,Northwest] That makes sense actually
ginnyfromtheblock22-25, F
i went through a long string of dating people for two weeks, being single for two weeks, dating people for two weeks.... for months. i think people are drawn to me but i have a hard time keeping them. you鈥檝e got such a romantic and committed heart. embrace that specialness 馃挅
[@1029172,ginnyfromtheblock] Thank you, bby 馃馃挍 I hope at some point I find a guy that doesn't ghost me
ginnyfromtheblock22-25, F
[@381079,JupiterDreams] i know you will 馃
mrlopez26-30, M
they keep their options open. while they are dating, they might be taking to other people in case they want to break up
[@1161949,mrlopez] That doesn't seem noice
mrlopez26-30, M
[@381079,JupiterDreams] yeah i don't do it because it's a lot of extra work...but that's how they do it
Perhaps it's the " keep finding" aspect you'd mentioned.... Personally, I find no quality in quantity. 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
[@1189287,Trippy] True...
Yulianna22-25, F
compatible? are you sure?
[@156315,Yulianna] Seems like it
Yulianna22-25, F
[@381079,JupiterDreams] or is it simply serial incompatibility?
I don't know how it happened 馃槙
[@406205,InOtterWords] Awww 馃崜
MeowsoliniReturns51-55, F
Like my friend Pink, I didn't find one until I was about 42. I was so tired of ending up with the wrong person. It will happen one day, believe it!
MeowsoliniReturns51-55, F
[@6912,Pinkstarburst] Got that right!!! 馃憤
[@1079831,MeowsoliniReturns] I hope <3 Maybe he's thinking of me right now 馃ズ
Pinkstarburst51-55, F
[@381079,JupiterDreams] Oh honey...he's a man. He's trying to get in to get to you but he's pushing a door that says "pull". 馃槈

Love ya' Jupi! It's all gonna be A-OK!!!!
Im a bit like that, everyone has someone crushing on them and 9 others that "like" them: u just need to find them.
And everyone but me is lonely, I can't keep up with my friends all that well ngl. This scares losers off.
[@1149742,Natasha2020] Oooh interesting :o
SW User
Either it's a coincidence because they're highly likeable/conventionally attractive or it's "right place right time" or they settle because they aren't comfortable being alone.
[@1075392,hemlock] I can understand the last bit :o
Most people are ugly fat boring stupid smell broke or all rolled into one
Then there is me 馃槈 that's why I married you
Beautiful people belong together
[@412438,ExtremeNext] Awww, bby 馃挍馃槝
From what I've seen most of them are not compatible at all. Cause a week later they are broken up due to a fight over toilet paper.
[@406636,causernamebemyusername] And then they're with someone else a week later 馃ズ
[@381079,JupiterDreams] People love horror stories.
KindSoul2526-30, F
My dear that's called cheating while they're in it which is not a good way to be
[@828541,KindSoul25] That's true, I never thought of that. They probably were seeing someone on the side... 馃槬
KindSoul2526-30, F
[@381079,JupiterDreams] yes ma'am frankly a lot of people are like that nowadays
Is it because some people are more socially active than others 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
[@335640,softspokenman] I don't know haha
I will never understand. It seems near impossible to find anyone.
[@334441,summersong] Seems like it nowadays. Like, I've talked to guys and stuff, but they either only want s** or they ghost
I find it crazy too lol I guess they just get lucky
[@761112,deadgerbil] Maybe... 馃槬
They actually look.
[@1143040,Iwillwait] But how is it so easy? 馃槸 I look but nothing comes of it
[@381079,JupiterDreams] I am not sure. I am not one of "Those," people who seen to have endless ease in finding a partner.
Rocknrod61-69, M
I dont know. Im not one of them. lol

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