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Seriously, what is this guy’s deal??

So the “ghoster” resurfaced today. It’s my birthday, but he doesn’t acknowledge it (probably because he doesn’t even realize it. After basically ignoring me since Christmas, amongst my many birthday texts I get a “hello” from him. I sat on it awhile, and finally wrote back “hi”. He wrote me almost immediately and asked “did you forget my number?” I politely responded. “Of course not. But I believe that works both ways you know”.

That’s been over an hour ago, and no response. Is this guy just messing with me or what?
ITS NOT ME ! Lollol

as for him messing with you ...of course he is , block him and move on.
Hes trying to get you to chase him / puts him in control
Prttylttlthng · 41-45, F
[@345815,1GHOST] LOL. Well at least my response at least merits that I am NOT chasing him. (I think it did anyway)
SW User
It's a game. Many people really get off on games. You are too old for that. Ignore and forget him.
Prttylttlthng · 41-45, F
[@353941,Meowsolini] That’s what I’m thinking. I responded ok I think?
SW User
[@810488,Prttylttlthng] Do not respond again. Ever. You are done.
HeavenBesideYou · 56-60, F
Sounds like he is keeping you on the back burner and was just checking to make sure you’re still there.
SW User
Don't waste your time talking to someone that clearly doesn't respect you.
Effloresce · 22-25, F
He’s not worth the stress
AlasPoorYorick · 51-55, M
Run away ...
Prttylttlthng · 41-45, F
And he responds! It took an entire day to write “Yes I know what you mean and I get your point”. Ummm ok? I’m thinking “bye”.
SunshineJ · 41-45, F
It’s a game..
Fernie · F
Why are you even still there????
Fernie · F
He didn't ingratiate himself back LET him back's the definition of a woman who doesn't have a high opinion of herself or think she deserves MUCH better. There is no love in this scenario...none...only dysfunction.Don't treat yourself the way he does. "Find a man who'll mess up your lipstick, not your mascara"
Prttylttlthng · 41-45, F
I love that saying. :)
And thank you.

[quote]"Find a man who'll mess up your lipstick, not your mascara"[/quote]

I love this!
Miram · 26-30, F
He was dumped or isn't getting enough attention from his main woman.
shyuncut4u · 70-79, M
happy birthday
Prttylttlthng · 41-45, F
Thank you. :)

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