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When someone says they love me many say my hair and looks, some say my thinking, few say my feelings, whom do they love when they love me....pls help

SlickGracey36-40, F Best Comment
Girl. Don't let anyone fool you. It's impossible for anyone to love you unless they actually know you. It's as simple as that. 馃槑

Tukudo36-40, M
People can say love you or hate you,but both are not real. The real love flowers only when you LOVE yourself. Just say gratitude to this nature that created you beautifully and uniquely. People are just seeing you what they are and how they are. But reality is different. All are opinions.
frequentlyme70-79, M
Since you asked.... if you are IRL like here, and lead with sexuality/nude pics, then I'm afraid you will get many who care only about using your body for their pleasure.
Sowji31-35, F
[@657416,frequentlyme] changing it soon
frequentlyme70-79, M
[@687827,Sowji] I want to say great, but then only you can make that decision. I guess I think you, actually any woman, has so much more to offer than jsut a pleasing body. Not that it isn't a nice attribute 馃槈, but it is only a part of the whole that is you.
AngelKrish22-25, M
When people came to know me closely they start lovIng me ..
Some say they never meet anyone like me ever...鈽
TonyStark00731-35, M
Since all are attributes of you dear, if he/she loves you without judgement that's the best thing 馃グ馃
samueltyler270-79, M
Keep waiting for the one who loves all of you. From what I see, that won't be hard to do.
johnnyq1231-35, M
i would say it depends on the nature of you relationship.
walabby61-69, M
All genuine compliments should be graciously accepted...
if someone only loves certain parts of you, they dont fully love you.
samueltyler270-79, M
All of you, if you open yourself enough to them.
waterman100556-60, M
They should love all of you and not just parts!
Superficial if they love you for your looks.
Degbeme61-69, M
Sounds like they love all of you.
SpaceAce26-30, M
People are full of shit.
Everything about you?

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