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Ever have someone keep trying to push themselves on you?

Like romantically, even if you've shown no interest and have told them you have none.. but they keep trying to get in your "space?" say things like how they feel you're some sort of "kindred spirit" and how they need to be with you. How would you personally deal with this type of situation?
Doomflower · 36-40, F

I hate that because I am such a wuss I don't wanna hurt their feelings and have put up with way too much from such people as a result.
monkeysdevil007 · 41-45, M
[@23013,Mguinm] That's very sweet of you
Mguinm · 51-55, F
[@7721,monkeysdevil007] I value a person's privacy.
monkeysdevil007 · 41-45, M
[@23013,Mguinm] I resect you for that 👍️
FormerPadresfan · 22-25, M
I hate when that happens. Even though I deal with it A LOT. I even have a girlfriend and warn them about her. But Usually I make the mistake of telling them how far away she now lives. 75 percent still follow pursuit of me after telling them. If they still bother me I change my personality around them, telling them rude things like “Make me a sandwich” or “The kitchen’s that way”. Normally they find that talk to be more cute than hurtful and increase their momentum.
And when I’m drunk, few of them try to capitalize on it to see if they can get any action what so ever. One girl and her friend even ganged up on me in a drinking game just to get me FUCKED up so she can move in for the kill. I still managed to get out of that somehow lol. What’s with their obsession???
[@11551,FormerPadresfan] oh wow , what the hell is wrong with them i don't think they understand that they could actually have charges pressed for taking advantage of you while you're intoxicated. and some chicks are fucked up like that. jesus
ZenPearl · F
Tell them to fuck off.
xSharp · 31-35, M
yes a big beastly girl in high school, i got away by throwing an acquaintance in her path and making off out the front door, she molested him instead.
[@397436,xSharp] very welcome, and that's a shame, but i can somewhat relate to that. having someone do something fucked up to you so often you feel that's how it's supposed to be.
xSharp · 31-35, M
[@367459,DancingStarGoddess] they all need to be eradicated with extreme prejudice
[@397436,xSharp] totally agree
ninjavu · 51-55, M
Yes. I moved away (for unrelated reasons), and she followed. I gave in, hoping it would be a one-time thing. Eventually had to read her the riot act. 😒
ninjavu · 51-55, M
[@367459,DancingStarGoddess] Yeah, cyberstalker I guess. Can you block people on FB? (I don't use it, so I don't know.) It's too bad that some people can't take no for an answer. I mean, Hollywood has romanticised not taking no for an answer, but come on, there's a limit! Especially when the person doesn't really know you, as it sounds with this guy. Like a lot of people, he has perhaps not fallen in love with you, but the idea of you and whatever you look like.

Hope you work out a resolution.
[@648944,ninjavu] yes, you can indeed block people on FB. Yes it's a physical appearance thing, and a personality thing. (I'm extremely accepting etc) and he seems to feel he NEEDS to be with me. I just sort of wander off once he starts that nonsense. Something about him is unsettling to me. Idc why, and it's rare, because "mildly creepy" is a type I'm generally attracted to. Just he's something else.
ninjavu · 51-55, M
[@367459,DancingStarGoddess] Well, sometimes intuition -- which is what "Something about him is unsettling to me" is -- should be listened to, and it sounds like you're doing that. In that sense my experience was different, as she wasn't "unsettling" to me and I knew her in person as we were neighbours. It was more the situation that was annoying, as she really was a nice person.
JarJarBoom · 41-45, F
I kind of make it known that I'm really in that "market" and I'm just not interested. I try to do it tactfully but some people don't get the hint and I feel the only thing I need to do at that point is just avoid contact.
DragonFruit · 61-69, M
I haven’t really had that happen to me....but if I did, I’d just tell the person directly that I was not interested and to leave me alone.
SW User
HAHAHAHAHAH im that person omg. 😆
[@647160,Sturmfrei] o.0 whyy?
SW User
Because I'm that pathetic. Begging someone to like me even though they show no interest. AHHAHA
[@647160,Sturmfrei] not sure it's pathetic, maybe obsessive. but for the person receiving such advances it can be extremely overwhelming. anxiety inducing etc.
To get in my space, that's yet to happen!
SW User
No seems to be an unheard word to them.
Mguinm · 51-55, F
SW User
ajsk13 · 51-55, M
boy they are certainly working it, do you have to deal with this person ? is this happening in the workplace?
[@68426,Coldeyes] ahh, thank you for indulging me with an answer.. they're actually still trying to do it. I don't understand why. They seem very convinced.
SW User
[@367459,DancingStarGoddess] my pleasure. some people can't help themselves
[@68426,Coldeyes] I noticed! They've been doing it a few yrs now and haven't quite caught on to why I completely stop talking or avoid them like I do. It's awkward.

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