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My friend keeps ignoring Me.

I have a classmate who i used to be friends with. But we had a Falling out before winter break 2022. I've tried everything to reconcile but to no success. I apologized to him immediately after break. I gave him space for months Which worked a little. I give candy and drinks which he accepts but still doesn't talk me like he used to. I always have to start the conversation but even then his replies are short. I know he probably just doesn't like me anymore and I'm just ready to cut ties. I just really hate myself.
smiler2012 · 56-60
@jakoby 🤔hate yourself why this not all your fault this situation you know . yes you initially upset him fair enough but you realised you where in the wrong and tried too apologise for your error of judgement . perhaps harsh words came from both sides so he can hardly come over hurt and take the moral high ground as the innocent party . basically if he is not man enough too accept an heart felt apology and stubborn about it i would not bother wasting my time any more with him
XForbiddenDesiresX · 26-30, F
Unfortunately some friends just don’t come back from fights/disagreements. And that’s okay. Nothing you did, it just happens. Best to cut ties and gain a real friend.
Leave him, he got standards.
Probably forgave you but doesn't want to be your friend again

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