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How do you cope with attachment?
"You really need to work with your attachment to your own body. If you release yourself from this, you are free from everything."

Your deepest sense of attachment is not to your money, house, wife or child. Your deepest sense of attachment is to your own thought and emotion. You may feel your wife, job and child are dear to you, but please see, when your wife, child or the situations around you really go against the way you think and feel, you will drop all of them. You will not drop your ways of thinking and feeling, but you will drop the other person because the other person has stopped fitting into your life.

They are in your life only because they have made the compromise to agree with whatever you think and feel. You are just using someone as a means or as a victim. It is because you are deeply attached to your body that you get attached to somebody. If you are not attached to your own body, you can be deeply involved but unattached. So, you do not have to work on your attachments with people around you. You really need to work with your attachment to your own body. If you release yourself from this, you are free from everything.
QueenofDemons · 18-21, F
Carefully, I make sure the weapon is not loaded when I attach them.
Fairydust · F
You understand why you have attachment?

Abandonment wounds and then heal from it, it normally comes from childhood issues.
Vengabus · 36-40
I think for the most part people make a bigger issue out of attachment than it is. Most attachments are temporary and harmless. Break ups can be painful but losing an attachment is often not the sole cause of the pain. In the case of a break up the pain is usually complex.
Loneliness is often mistaken for neediness and genuine need is often mistaken for attachment.
My point...? Be less hard on yourself.
come2gether · 51-55, M
I like having options for my vacuum cleaner
I only open them if I trust the sender.
shinyplasticlove · 51-55, M
I've been single for 12 years.
Bang5luts · M
Just plug them in and use them mostly.
Havesomefun2 · 56-60, M
Don’t have one now been single for 3 years
Workerbee · 31-35, M
Insanity before now I disengage from ppl stick to my goals

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