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What to do ih i have a crush on my professor?

Should wait until she is not your professor.
Nah, you dont have a chance.
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Hello, I would like to ask you a question about topics that you talk about.There is a girl that a like but she is my professor.We make a lot of eye contact, she looks at me very often outside of class, on hallway.Guy and girls around me see that she laught more on my jokes than on others and that a have a special treatment.Not long ago there was a problem and i messaged her on instagram and said her what will happen(she followed me on instagram on other profile that was delated by instagram) and the didnt seen it and about month after that, we met in a bus and we started conversation outside and she said me thanks for that message and said something in way of i could tell anyone because her colleges will be like what are you doing.She needed to go to bank and said me i need to go right, i said ok see you soon bye and wish her marry cristmas and new year, she said thank you you too i smiled waved she smiled and waved me back and said in my language polite bye and i went my way.One we were on the same bus and talked on station and she asked me some questions and wanted to help me to go to the place where i go.Once i got friendly friendly bye like ciao on italian.Also sometimes when she see me on station and we make eye contact she keeps is for about second or second and a half and she makes a stunned or surprised face and looks away.When we talk she is all in conversation she let me sit with her on bus talk and that stuff.When she is messaging on phone i saw only mom, friends and sister.Sometimes she is more on phone sometimes not and i think she is single.But sometimes she just sits in bus and doesnt pay attention to me, just messaging and she once sit on the place behind me also i entered on first doors she entered middle and came back on my side beside all bus was empty.I dont know what to do, i really like her way of thinking, style, she is beautiful and very kind and good person, smart and polite.She is a little rude sometimes in class to guys and girls but never to me like i dont have books, look at telephone and she is ok please put phone away.I played with it on table and it made noise she took it from my hands andi think she smiled that is only time something like that happen.I really dont know what to think, i dont know if she is interested or not, or is she like that because she knows she can get in trouble if she acts on it.She behaves sometimes cold and i dont know if she thinks like me or is just very kind to me.Thank you if you answer馃榿
Forget it.
She's obviously a fairly young and inexperienced teacher, more concerned about appearing to be friendly and not aware of the misconceptions she might be triggering.
It's rare for an older woman to find a young man attractive unless she is seriously emotionally immature.
When relationships occur between student and teacher, there is always a power imbalance. The latter has far more knowledge and the potential to alter academic marks. That makes the student very vulnerable. It usually ends badly.
Consider her out of bounds.
Focus on your studies
and developing friendships with fellow students.
Obviously you are obsessed with her and regardless of if she likes you or not she is your teacher and is not allowed to be involved with you .. its frowned upon and forbidden.. though i have heard stories of people who married their professor it didn't end well for them .. so my advice is have respect and back you emotions up and leave your crush a crush and not try to make something more of it.. at least not while you are her student 馃槖 eh?
Petar18-21, MNew
@LRain i didnt tought about trying something while she is my professor.Im just curious about it, i want to know what is heppening because that is not frendly behave more like when you are around person you like
black4white56-60, M
Say hi鈥 talk to her OUTSIDE of the classroom and see what鈥檚 up
Petar18-21, MNew
@black4white i think she is into me at least a bit because i can see and feel it now i want to ask her about that but i dont know if she will answer me truth because it is not allowed
im sorry what was the question? i fell asleep after the second line
MarkPaul26-30, M
@allygator18 馃槻
HatterM46-50, M
She's your professor and you call her a girl. Ah well. Good luck I guess.
Petar18-21, MNew
@HatterM she is young
fanuc201346-50, F
Offer to buy her a coffee. That will answer your question.
MarkPaul26-30, M
She's out of your league. Move on.

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