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Long distance relationship

This guy tells me he loves me etc and we have even discussed marriage. Off late there has been a dip in communication because he is too busy and he says he can’t help it when he is tired and falls asleep.
All I ask of him is to call me once a day and even if it’s just for a short span of time. Not too much to ask is it?
Ive been having a bad feeling in my gut about him. Off late I’ve been putting a lot of effort and despite me asking him to just call once a day he does not heed to my need.
Is it worth pursuing such a man or should I just back off and retreat into my shell?
Domking · 56-60, M
Get busy with other things, and give this zero attention, but without jumping to any conclusion.
You don't message or communicate for this time, let it come from other person, if it comes.
Let there be a wait & watch time.
Then evaluate & decide
elafina · 31-35, F
[@1221722,Domking] i'm going to take your advice to my situation too👌
[@1221722,Domking] Very good advice Sir.
StarLily · 46-50, F
Is [b]he[/b] comfortable with calling every day? I mean, speaking for myself, I don't mind having a day, or several, away from a phone conversation... it doesn't mean I care about that person any less.

A simple, loving text is sweet as well on days like that.☺️

However, a bad feeling in your gut/intuition should be listened to.
Fuith · 46-50, F
Trust your gut.
Especially if it's a sudden dip and he's suddenly entirely too busy.
REMsleep · 41-45, F
I was long distance for many years. Don't ignore your gut feeling.
Even if he isin't cheating do you want to start a pattern of chasing your guy for attention?
This will get really old real quick.
He isin't listening. I was going to give the same advice as [@1221722,Domking]
ZenPearl · F
Always listen to your gut.
Zzxxxx · 51-55, M
Back off?!
I think, you need to meet him in person to understand how things really are at his end, and how is he thinking about the relationship.
pentacorn · F
listen to your gut, and resist immediate action. become... even more observant. your answer will become undeniably obvious.
he's a waste of time and a ghostly player imo
he wants distance give it to him
I'd back off.
Iamonfire666 · 31-35, F
You need to get busy and pay no attention to him and see how he responds.
SnowBlack · 18-21, F
Have you even met him yet?
solitaire · 36-40, F
solitaire · 36-40, F
Not met him. We are from different countries. He is from the UK sand I’m from India
Fluffybull · F
I'd back off for a while. Be busy with other things. 👍

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