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Thank you for not being mean.

Genuinely. People who've read my longer posts will.know that I make loads of typos. Its a combination of being bad at text typing and not great at editing. I sometimes go over them later and cringe at all the errors as I change them after the fact. I've been told that I can write well but the typos must detract from that. Nobody has ever taken the piss out of me for this, even though I maybe deserve it. So thank you. 馃憤
Human1000M Best Comment
I鈥檝e read typos are a sign of a keem mine.

Even though I have spell check ,my posts often look like Olde English before editing,The Beowulf saga;I work better with paper ad pen
@helenS Start small,the K in knight the g in night,etc..its a start thow!
Burnley12341-45, M
@helenS Despite being such a popular second language throughout the world, it's very contradictory and difficult to learn. I know this - not because I speak another language - but because I've taught children new to the country. There are so many contradictions even with the spelling rules and phonetics and our use of verbs is weird.

I have also been told by multilingual people that it's an excellent language for fiction writing because it allows for so much variety in description.
helenS36-40, F
@Burnley123 Yes 鈥 one of the difficulties is the abundance of different words for the same thing. Compare royal 鈥 regal 鈥 kingly. Of course, there are slight differences, and these are very difficult to understand.
My main grammar problem is talking about the past, because in English there are complicated rules of how to relate the past to the present time:
I waited 鈥 I have waited 鈥 I was waiting 鈥 I have been waiting 鈥 I had waited 鈥 I had been waiting.
UpsideOutInsideDown36-40, M
I think at the end of the day, as long as you've understandable and communicating the message you want to, that's all that should matter
helenS36-40, F
Your posts are flawless as far as I can see (as far as typos/misspellings are concerned).
If you really worry, you might consider typing your posts into a text editor first, then proof-reading it, and then copy/pasting it into the SW text field.That's what I typically do 鈥 but then again, English is not my first language.
It鈥檚 understandable. Hammering a way at keys in a mobile phone less than a quarter the size of my finger tips also produces an annoying amount of errors.
I can relate to feeling cringe. I hate finding typos in my stuff. I chalk it up to me glide typing a lot but that's still no excuse lol
The way I look at it............the only ones that a few typos matter too are so anal they're not anyone I want to impress anyway.
Monalisaa198636-40, F
I don鈥檛 make errors sw makes it look like I typed it wrong when I didn鈥檛 type it like that so I fix it
The only grammar thing that bothers me is just completely incoherent word salad. There just isn't any way to follow it. But every time I have seen it, it seems to be someone with some type of psychosis.

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