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other books from George Orwell you have read/recommend ?

apart from 1984 ? I read the road to wigan pier a long time ago and wish to read it again
artistinresidence · 51-55, M
You don’t need to read George Orwell any longer. We are living his books. All you have to do is read the news about the Trump administration
lorne13 · 61-69, M
[@653290,artistinresidence] yes trumpspeak is everywhere
Cowboybob · M
Animal Farm, of course
revenant · F
[@389579,Cowboybob] oh yes of course. read that too. Damn the guy was brilliant
SW User
I read 1984 and I didn't like it
so I won't read more of his books
SW User
My problem with 1984 was the writing style
it didn't grab me
MissPriscillaPrim · 70-79, T
[@610818,CollectBeautifulMoments] Orwell's style is very dry and journalistic, with no interest in the poetic aesthetic.
SW User
“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen...those words were shockingly beautiful to me
I was so excited
but then the rest lost me
SW User
I wish I could read :(
okaybut · 51-55, M
All of them are amazing. One of my fav writers.
revenant · F
[@510907,okaybut] Had read them all but a long time ago and did not appreciate as much as I would now. Libraries are all out of his works. The man was a champion.
okaybut · 51-55, M
[@476282,revenant] Definitely...his writing in part changed the way I thought.
revenant · F
[@510907,okaybut] I read his books when I was a teen and preteen so they were kind of like novels then.
MissPriscillaPrim · 70-79, T
His essay "Politics and the English Language" is a must-read, thoughts which developed into Oceania's Newspeak.
YouCanCallMeDan · 36-40, M
I read animal farm in school. Haven’t read any of his others
revenant · F
[@663939,JapSeyeKing] The road to Wigan Pier is about miners in Northern England> I read that when I was 15 or so and was brilliant and harrowing. Would like to read again.
YouCanCallMeDan · 36-40, M
[@476282,revenant] I liked animal farm but I’m a bit fed up of politics at the moment. It’s all too depressing
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
Brave New World and Animal Farm
[@621893,whowasthatmaskedman] Brave New World is Not Orwell. It is Huxley- although they are often compared. Nice try.
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
[@7789,Elandra77] Mea Culpa... I forgot Huxley completley

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