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Public service announcement

You can pontificate about how it is not your job to tip people....

And you can pontificate about how it is the job of the business to pay the employee a full wage....

And you wouldn't be wrong....


You would be an asshole.

Let me explain:

I use doordash.
I also deliver for doordash.

Doordash has increased prices on items..because the business has to make up for fees paid to doordash. So when you order on doordash you are paying more for the food right off the bat.

Then there is a surcharge. That does not go to drivers. It goes to doordash and the businesses.

A driver gets paid a base amount and no matter what doordash is a low amount that they decide willy nilly like. They claim based on distance and time. They lie. The base is typically $2.50.

If you do not tip, doordash doesn't make up for that. Not often. Sometimes. Maybe. Then you be there waiting for someone to pick up your order.

No one is going to do it.
No one.

You can keep your tip for after...but then you will be waiting for a long time for your food because it was likely picked up as a batch order where it was placed with another order to be picked up and that order probably had a tip. The driver knows you did not tip. The driver will take their time delivering your food. They might NEVER deliver. Some drivers are assholes. I wouldn't ever do this. If i take an order it gets delivered immediately. But this is the chance you take when you punish drivers for your stance about the company's pay practices.

You can change the tip after the order. You have an hour or if they do something you can take it away.

I don't know how to tell you that you are begging for your food to be messed with if you expect someone to use their car, gas and time to deliver it to your door and you cant be decent enough to give them a tip.

I hate tipping culture...everyone thinks they deserve a tip now...for doing their basic job that they signed up for. You are a barista. Your job is to make drinks and serve the customer. You don't get a tip for doing the job you signed up for, thats what the paycheck is for.

But waitresses don't get paid a full wage, doordash drivers don't get paid a full wage. They don't even take taxes out. Your car depreciates every mile driven. Gas is expensive.

Think before you complain about your doordash order taking an hour...and think before you get online and brag about not tipping doordash drivers or lying about them so that they get contract violations and you can get your food for free. You are not hidden...drivers do keep track of scaming customers and they will inform doordash and you will be kicked off the platform.

Don't expect special service from people you treat like slaves.
AGAIN! you are right
keep all your car care and gas receipts
the IRS is Screwing the Gig Workers

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