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An almost rogue government agency planting cyanide bombs throughout the country: This is what REAL journalism looks like, although the Guardian is too far left in general, but this story is how journalism used to be before “Orange Man Bad” syndrome tainted the profession. I wish we could get back to REAL solid journalism.
jackson55 · M
The left will burn down this country to get rid of Trump. As long as they can be in charge of what’s left.
Carissimi · 61-69, F
They won’t stop with Trump. They want to destroy America itself, and her values. @jackson55
jackson55 · M
@Carissimi Yep, they hate America and have a different vision.
GERRI · 51-55, F
Sweetie, that profession was tainted with idiocy long before 2016--- long before--- I wish now I would have stayed with broadcast journalism as a major....
Carissimi · 61-69, F
Yes, it was, but it devolved to new levels after 2016. Levels, I’ve never witnessed before. @GERRI
@GERRI [quote]I wish now I would have stayed with broadcast journalism as a major....[/quote]
Me too.
Trump is terrible. Its the job of the news to expose the corruption and they have.
@Carissimi you dont even know me. Ive got more reason to hate than most but i dont
GERRI · 51-55, F
@MalcolmY Why do you have "more reason" than most?😒
@MalcolmY It's the duty of the news to report Facts. Not blow things out of proportion by mixing facts with gossip, rumor and innuendo which only creates Fear for $ales, Ca$h and Click$. That's irresponsible, misdirecting and disingenuous and belongs in the Enquirer and The Star which are rags, not in the legitimate business world. Might as well cry Fire in a crowded theater where a stampede will almost certainly result.

I learned a lot in journalism classes. The first thing is to have Honesty because it reflects upon the Integrity of the newspaper that you represent. But I suppose that today's Corporate Presstitute does not have Noble Intent written into its Mission Statement.

1,000 pounds of gossip, rumor and innuendo do not = 1 ounce of Facts.

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