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I have had it with medical tests due in part to the car accident I had last September 2017. Today under advice from my chiropractor I went for an EMG which tests for such things as numbness in the extremities, carpal tunnel and various other "doctor speak" things.

If you never had an EMG let this piece truly convince you to not do the test. They stick you with needles and read the electrical impulses on a computer screen. It measure electrical activity in your nerves. If you ever had acupuncture this is similar but acupuncture doesn't hurt. This was mildly annoying.

But then the good part comes where they take electric prongs and shock your hands, arms, wrists with electric shocks and you watch your helpless body jerk at the electrical jabs they take at you. One is hooked up to conductors and there are enough wires coming out of you makes you look like someone is rewiring a circuit, or is hooking you up to or deactivating you from a device. And those shocks often rapid fire, hurt. Yes, pain, not fun.

I had a phone call from Social Security Disability while being hooked up. I tried to grab the phone but I was hooked up to wires and boxes and the call was important as my benefits were at stake. I told the tech to pick up the phone. I started talking to the worker who, as far as workers go broke the mold and she was extremely nice and was willing to work with me. She was talking to me and the techs were shocking me. Great combo. They told me I couldn't be on the phone while they were testing me. I told them to get lost that my check me answering questions and providing proof for SSD was more important than any test. They left me alone. They came back periodically saying are you done. In a bad mood, I jumped down their throats. I knew what was important and getting tortured by another medical test was just not important.

Done with my phone call the techs came back in. When they were done with my torture I asked the head torturer what would part two consist of. He told me lower back, all up and down my legs and front and back of my calls. I told him I'm going to reconsider finishing the test. He looked shocked. Poor guy. He makes good money torturing people. I don't feel sorry for him.

I didn't even stay for my chiropractic treatment. I headed to the car truly upset about everything that happened this day. The only good thing was when a friend sent me a nice key chain and a soft plush blue swallow. The swallows just completed their 6000 mile trip flying back to Capistrano. The bird is adorable. I thanked my friend. At least there was one good thing that happened today.
WillowRayne · 51-55, F
I feel for you. I had to have an EMG in 2016 and another this past January. Not fun to go through.

I wish you all the best.
@WillowRayne thank you
sunrisehawk · 61-69, M
What a terrible day..

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