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HATE is a strong word but when would you feel it strongly against someone?

....when they did evil things behind my back! it's sickening...
bad thought? to wish them dead so they won't inflict harm anymore especially to innocent trusting souls.
I hated my sister back when she was causing my aging mother to become depressed and refuse to eat.
My hate was due to my inability to express my anger or make a difference.

When Mum's Living Will came into effect, she came to live with me and I cared for her -
but my sister reported lies about me to the police.
Each time I was able to show them the evidence that her accusations weren't and couldn't be true,
but there was no way I could prevent my sibling's attacks until after Mum finally passed away.

Now that we have no contact, I can wish my sister well and hope she finds happiness.
Huge relief.
@hartfire you have a good heart!
@1DrinkMargarita Thank you, it's kind of you to say so -
Yet it doesn't feel like I'm a good person.
I felt depressed and helpless during that time.
It's horrible to discover that one is capable of hate
and all that unexpressed anger is itself stressful.
Pfuzylogic · M
My Faith allows me to circumvent the emotion. My Father of all people has stalked me in addition to childhood events in my life. I need the Holy Bible to remind myself “vengeance is mine says the Lord” Romans 12:19-21. That gives me peace and lets me know that everything is under control.
Pfuzylogic · M
Mine has kept me out of a lot of anguish.
@Pfuzylogic I hope mine would remain intact amidst all the tribulations.
Pfuzylogic · M
During all my turmoil after i personally matured; it hasn’t been a problem no matter what happens.
dannyppaul · 61-69, M
i kill a motherfucker
@dannyppaul what did that person do?
dannyppaul · 61-69, M
@1DrinkMargarita hurt my children
@dannyppaul did you suffer any consequence after killing?
Axelerator · 26-30, M
Tbh I don't really feel true hate. Sure I dislike people, but I don't think it ever becomes real hate. Even in the case where I have countless reasons to hate them. Its how its always been for me
@Axelerator you're very considerate and forgiving.
My hate is extremely short lived (mere moments). It turns to hurt more often than not. To hate means to give them power over you.
Adrift · 56-60, F
Best revenge ever, do well in life and keep moving forward.
That is a terrible way for me. Indifference instead.
sweetdream · 22-25, F
I certainly would, I felt it
akindheart · 61-69, F
Nihiless · F
If they've hurt me or my daughter either physically or mentally.
They dont deserve the energy. They no longer exist

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