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Some people think you are a weirdo if you never open your blinds. I however think you're a weirdo if you look at people's windows enough to notice.

And to be quite frank, you're the weirdos that are the reason that I keep my blinds always closed because I don't like weirdos looking into my house.
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You know you can use stuff like bubble wrap, or baking paper to cover the inside of your windows so light gets in , but people can't see?

In fact bubble wrap is good for insulating the glass too.
MethDozer · M
[@912138,OogieBoogie] Eh, sunlight is over-rated. All warm and shit.
😂[@521796,MethDozer] don't wanna burst into flames huh?
HannahSky · F
I feel ya lol I have one that opens them then one flap wide open so she can look straight out all day lol
I shut them just to piss her off lol
Talesfromthedarkside · 26-30, M
So true haha
God ! You peek into someone's window just once ..and they make a federal case out of it 🙄
MethDozer · M
[@1207913,Handmaidssnail] Oh well it was kinda hot when you do it.
PatheticZombieClown · 46-50, M
Nah. Open the blinds so they can go
Blythe · F
Windows are a pain the ass. Sun shining in when your sleeping. Gotta clean 'em, costs a fortune to blind and drape them. I'd like some of those metal roll-down shutters like businesses use for security and inclement weather.

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