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Flummoxed. Help?

So that bar of profile pics at the top. What are they? Adverts? People who have recently been active?! Randomness just to shake things up a bit?!
hunkalove · 61-69, M
People who have been here recently, though some haven't. And with the green dot are here now. And an orange dot means they recently got out of prison.
PhilDeep · 51-55, M
@hunkalove You have dots?! I don't! Correction! Wow, you're right! I've never noticed a green dot on one before. Not seen the orange one though.
Dlrannie · 31-35, F
@hunkalove The Orange dot actually means they are really Donald Trump 😂😂
PhilDeep · 51-55, M
@Dlrannie I'm glad I haven't seen any of those then 😆
Similar worlds most wanted
@SW-User no fucking rewards listed tho😒
it seems to be people on, that sw thinks you want to interact with, perhaps it thinks they want to interact with you. another halfass job that kinda doesn't seem to work for most people, if I'm being overly honest. used to be they'd tell you about coming changes in posts that it wouldn't allow you to skip. now it seems they're more concerned about making sure you see their responses and corrections to people criticizing/speculating on how things are done/work.
Fluffybull · F
The ones I see are my friends/followers.
They're people whose post you've viewed recently.
Green lights indicate which SW members are online here at the moment. Other photos are just SW members. Some may no longer be here. Some may be here still as members.
PhilDeep · 51-55, M
@PoetryNEmotion All very mysterious, if you ask me!
@PhilDeep Has been like this since they "improved" the feed in the many, many ways they have. HA.
JustNik · 51-55, F
I think they’re just conversation starters. Can’t count the number of times I’ve seen a post trying to make sense of them. 😂
Thank Lord I'm not the only one annoyed by it...😑
It’s to aid the stalkers so they know you’re online
masterofyou · 70-79, M
They are people you follow and are frends with....
I’ve been seeing them for so long now, I almost don’t notice them anymore.
We have a weekly informal vote at the water-cooler, and put all the people we hate at the top.

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