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Why some people loves to hurt others?

You don't want to talk or chat with them but still, they always realise that yes you are here to hurt me all the time.

Just because they get bored and they realised that your friendship was better than others. but open your ears and listen to my words.. don't dare to comment or react to my post.. otherwise, we both know what will happen next.

What you think huh!! That your I will again accept you.. not at all.. you are now for me a [b] Sympathy collector[/b] just.

So please get out of my life coz I forgot to whom I call [b]Mannat[/b].
I really believe there are those people out there who get enjoyment out of hurting others ...why ? Simply because they are sociopaths...and they are online and offline
Wateribbon · 26-30
@SW-User yes.. feel bad and when you try to help them than you realise what a blunder you did..
@Wateribbon there's no helping these types of people...you just have to cut ties with them and move on
Wateribbon · 26-30
@SW-User I am .. and I want to..
BlueHorizon · 22-25, M
Hello there! Hmm y'know how you like eating ice cream on a sunny hot summer day? That's how people like hurting others it's not like they wanna make the world a worse place (although they do) but their brain is wired in a way that they get pleasure when hurting other people, each person has their own pleasures I for example like playing some video games at the end of the weekend while drinking a beer some people gonna like other things and so on everyone is different I suppose.
Deadish · 31-35, M
Can you really love to hurt someone? Isnt it usually done out of malice?
Wateribbon · 26-30
@Deadish actually I am fed-up from someone.. I almost gave my 14 months
Deadish · 31-35, M
@Wateribbon hey you could’ve given years. Be glad you figured it out before that 😉 it’s rough though I get it.
Wateribbon · 26-30
@Deadish thanks

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