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Yibbidibbididid THAT'S ALL FOLKS

I've drugged my poor tired sack of bones, started reading Simone Weil, who's been on my radar since reading Henry Miller talk about her in that Big Sur book, Simone is a humbling person to behold, listened to an incredible Philosophize This podcast ep. on her. All i say and do seems silly and reprehensible ... and that's good, i need to see things continually differently. Her notebooks are to be gotten when i can afford it. Started a Gunsmoke episode with the guy who played Archie Bunker, he plays a sad ole farmer with a sick wife and increasing debt and a well that don't have no water, i'll come back to it after a sleep, and my kindle, oh yes my kindle, lighting my ways till the rotund lady sings, till the bovines come to the hotel, till the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.

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