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Why the bullshit about 50 being middle age...

When 75' ish remains the average of years we last.

So..if you're 37' ish, the better question is are you gonna live the same year 75 times?

ChipmunkErnie70-79, M
I get the feeling whoever came up with the term meant it to be the middle of ADULT life, so they dropped the first 18-20 years from the equation.
Vaper31-35, M
@ChipmunkErnie An intriguing theory 馃
ChipmunkErnie70-79, M
@Vaper If you consider adult life to be 20 to maybe 80, the midway would be 50 or so.
I suppose that because the elderly are not really valued, people are trying to avoid that label for as long as possible. 50 is only "middle age" based on the premise that one lives to be 100. More and more people are.
@Jwalker That鈥檚 true. My father just turned 90 and between his healthy lifestyle and the care Mom鈥檚 always taken of him, he鈥檚 still probably in better shape than me. 馃檪
Vaper31-35, M
@bijouxbroussard Maybe all fear itself is simply the egos fear of death. 馃
@bijouxbroussard Wow.
I just look at the food we eat, meat filled with hormones, antibiotics etc, all the canned food, the fresh food covered with pesticides and wonder how anyone can live to be 90.
What kinds of medication did you take? Did you do drugs,drink alcohol to knock years off of that expected 75. How many years do you really have left?
Vaper31-35, M
@Jwalker My point exactly, as what is to pass is merly expectation. Live right now.
@Vaper Live now for the future. If you don't take care of yourself now don't expect to live to 75. A friend died at work. He had been on medication most of his adult life. He went to work, had a heart attack and died. The end, that was it.
Vaper31-35, M
@Jwalker My condolences, yet your friend passed right now when he did so. Live now....same as the moment he were born.
Taters41-45, M
probably because it's considered a range, not the median. it would be kinda morbid if we celebrated the exact middle of your life. just a thought
Vaper31-35, M
@Taters Morbidly intresting perhaps. Certainly would change for some how the second half was spent.

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