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Being in love Vs Loving someone

I finally figured out the difference between being in love and loving someone. When you're in love, you obsess over the attention, affection, and how they make you feel.

But that does not mean you love them. You can only love someone once those feelings go away; only then can you see their flaws and who they really are. And only then can you truly love them.

Loving someone is not a feeling, it is the act of choosing to stay regardless of having "lost feelings".

鈥擝ella鈥檚 Journal

Art by. 馃帹 mumucomico
That version doesn鈥檛 really square with my experience of love, which to me is both feeling and action plus acceptance and a whole host of other things.
scorpiolovedeep46-50, M
Love means different meanings to us based on our experiences. @OlderSometimesWiser
twistedrope26-30, M
I can honestly say I have never obsessed over attention or affection when in love. I mean sure it was a nice to have and sucked when it wasn't there but... No I never felt obsessed with it.
SilentObZerver22-25, M
But then the feelings made you choose them in the first place, right?
Fungirlmmm51-55, F
I can understand this.
scorpiolovedeep46-50, M
Hugs ...@Fungirlmmm

Wisdom comes from pain

Pain comes from life

Life offers love

Love is taken for granted

Then the truth reveals itself

The good , bad and the ugly

After that we give up or carry on, our free will is what we make of it
scorpiolovedeep46-50, M
Beautiful words @ThreeLittleBirds

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