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Would you rather have twice your salary or keep the salary and only work half the hours ?

LilPrincess41-45, F
Keep my current salary because I am seriously overworked 馃槖
ViciDraco36-40, M
@LilPrincess I think this question reveals more about whether people are overworked or underpaid than it does about whether they value money or time more. Can value time all you want but if you can't make rent then you don't really have a choice.
YMITheWayIM46-50, M
I'm a workaholic procrastinator, so double the pay plz.
Twice the salary! I might be able to afford rent then.
RenFur70-79, M
Four times the salary so I could quit work all together 馃榿
Ashly26-30, F

Twice the pay, I got bills to pay 馃槀
vetguy199151-55, M
Probably keep what I make
eventtemple12322-25, M
Work 20 hours a week at minimum wage, so definitely make twice the salary
Starcrossed41-45, F
Double pay, I earn a lot of PTO having been here so long.
Tracos51-55, M
Keep the salary and work half
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Double for me
ViciDraco36-40, M
Half the hours. I make enough that any financial issues on my end need to be repaired through fixing spending habits. Doubling that would feel kind of greedy and also I'd really like more of my life for myself rather than giving it all to work.
Twice the salary: ive already chosen to work part time .

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