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The Real Sad Thing About Joe Biden..

It took the Liberal Media and The Democrats 3 and a Half Years
to realize He was Mentally Deficient and mentally incapable
to Perform the Duties Of President, Commander In Chief,
and Leader of the Free World, in 2020.

Next Up, Vice President Harris.
IM5688 · 61-69, M
It didn't take them 3.5 years to realize, they knew it right from the start and that's why they put him in there. They wanted and installed a puppet. a puppet with no clue so they could pull his strings and do whatever they wanted.
Harris was only put in with Joe because she is a woman plus, and a woman of color, only to buy votes. (If they could have found a candidate that was a woman of color that was also part of the rainbow community, they would have gone with that.
Remember Harris dropped out of the presidential race with, (I think,) less than 2% of the vote. Now, they want to install her in place of Joe because they think she has got a chance in beating Trump.
PatKirby · M
Those who are running the presidency from the sidelines (because clearly Joe Biden is not and has not been) installed Biden so they can run the show themselves. The Liberal Mainstream Media/Democratic Party pushed this imagery onto the American public as long as they could, did not expect Trump to accept the debate which clarified Biden's mental inability to perform duties of office, and are now in a panic still trying to hopefully conceal this from what remains of a gullible public who still believes them. However, their own party constituents and faithful now know (and are embarrassingly publicly aware) that Biden is actually mentally impaired so badly that they want to change horses in midstream or get out of it entirely and perhaps join another party.

Those pulling the strings from the behind the scenes are now hurriedly trying to install another figurehead so they can continue running the show quietly from the sidelines (to hold on to what remains of their grip on power), but have looked at those available in the second string draft and are in a dead panic because they know they're going to lose due to the sub-standard quality of candidates. Plus the fact that Democrats have nothing of value or worth like providing answers to reducing high inflation, the immigration issue, resolving the war in Ukraine, or even international concerns to campaign on (and so late in the game) - except "We Hate Trump" goes to show that: 1) they have no platform, 2) the Emperor has no clothes, 3) the other shoe has fallen, 4) the jig is up, and 5) it's now time to pay the piper.

Unless they cheat, they're going to lose and lose badly. At this juncture they have no position to be complaining that the rooster they sent out in the morning to screw the chickens (petty impeachments/indictments, kangaroo court show trials, etc...) has now come home to roost and screw them in their own house - for all to see. Made.Bed.Lie.
Slade · 56-60, MVIP
They KNEW. All along
PatKirby · M

^Bingo^ It sure looks and smells like a duck.
IM5688 · 61-69, M
No, it didn't. They knew it all along. They just hid it, buried it, ignored it, covered it up, etc.
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