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So he’s not going…so he says.

Much uncertainty as to the political future of Joe Biden. No more!
Here he is, clearing the air, making it “ clear” as he often says.
So with respect to his latest statement and the uncertainty that surrounds him, let the FUN begin in the Democratic Party.
At this point in time regarding Joe Biden after 3 yrs plus and how he was the victor over Trump, would do so much for the nation and is”fit” to hold his present office and run for it again; these are words he should be mindful of…
Surrrre...and Charlie Brown is finally gonna kick that football too

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@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout Being Biden has for all intents and purposes up to his last medical exam, not been declared unfit by any medical people to hold his office; it will be a tad dicey if all of a.sudden some medical people deem him unfit. After three+ years?
joe438 · 61-69, M
@soar2newhighs the doctors would have to admit they were only testing blood pressure and physical fitness while not considering the obvious mental decline that we all have seen. That would make them part of a coverup and it’s quite a pickle for a doctor- I’m sure.
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