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Dems Were Smart to Have Joe’s Debate Early.

In case they had to unload him if they
Needed to.

Well they need to.

Biden is History.
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Slade · 56-60, MVIP
@RipCord Nobody missed this unless they wanted to. Evidence was everywhere

trollslayer · 46-50, M
I don't think it was up to them, but I agree it is fortuitous. Normally the first debate is not until after the conventions. Funny thing is, I haven't watched or paid attention to a presidential debate since 2012, as I feel they are meaningless these days.

Then this one comes on - and I didn't watch. The debate questions/answers are still meaningless, but I think people wanted to see if Octogenarian Biden was still mentally capable of being president. He didn't need to "win" the debate - just answer questions like he understands them. Back in the 80s, Democrats (and Republicans) were concerned about Reagan's mental health, and he was younger than Biden (and Trump) are now, and Reagan never had this kind of confused demeanor on such a big stage.

The Democrats played their cards wrong. They should have groomed a successor starting 4 years ago with the plan that Biden does not run for re-election, just so there would not be age-related concerns. I expected them to do this. I disagree with the polls from a few years ago that said Biden had the best chance of beating Trump. Hillary only lost because she is a Clinton - that name was too sour for many people. People voted for Biden because he is a likeable middle of the road guy who was not Trump. Democrats nominated him in the primaries not because they thought he was best, but that he had the best chance of beating Trump. And in this election, if Biden steps down and the Democrats nominate a younger candidate that is not too controversial and has national recognition, I don't see how they lose any votes. I think they know this, and Biden knows this, and right now they are talking internally about who they will get behind. I am sure a dozen phone calls have been placed to potential candidates asking if they are interested. And I don't think Harris is it.
that was their lord and savior barry throwing biden under the bus and leaving himself enough time to convince the voters to slip big mike in...
Bang5luts · M
At least unload him before he unloads in his pants again on stage ffs

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