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Don't You Think The American People Want to Know If Our President Was Peddling Influence.

For Millions of Dollars to the Ukraine, Russia and China, while he was a VP?

These Honest Politicians Don't want you to Know,

Because they will have to apologize to President Trump for their Bogus Impeachements.

RuyLopez · 56-60, M
Nah. I don't care unless its a Republican. My favorite democrat politicians all are on the take and I am fine with that.

I am really hoping that Biden and his family are able to give away the rest of our Uranium mining operations cause nuclear weapons are bad and I think that they should all be kept in China, Russia or Iran.

Here's to hoping under a Democratic administration the Federal police organs develop their domestic spying apparatus so that they know exactly where I go, exactly how much and where I spend my money, and who I'm sleeping with.

@RuyLopez exactly. Our side - right or wrong!
It's hard to believe how far America has fallen. Imagine the extent to which our law enforcement agencies, justice department, media and politicians have been infiltrated and influenced by globalists for the Biden family to continue getting away with these egregious crimes. The people who don't want to know will say, "but whaddabout Trump."
He’s smarter than Hillary..
she was selling passwords to her unsecured server filled with classified docs..

Biden made them go to a house in the middle of nowhere and pick up paper copies..

wildbill83 · 36-40, M
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout [media=]
No. With corporate ownership of Media and social media, it's pretty hard to tell whether the USA accepts the Ukraine war as part of our business cartel and its dealings with the war machine.
Northwest · M
You mean like getting $Bs from the Saudis and the UAE? Well, that's public knowledge, in Trump's case. All that other stuff is MAGA delusions.
More to come from the House Judiciary Committee investigation'

Honest Joe is going to have a very rough 2023-2024.. 😅

If our givers wants to get involved with us, our money, in so many respects, like the weaponizing of the IRS. The ESG issue(s), the squandering of taxpayer money on “pork” earmarked items on BOTH sides of the aisle, a resounding YES to the question.

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