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Why is every U.S President a pervert?

Every simge one is a pervert. Obama homo. Trump allegedly had sex with underage girls at Epsteins parties, jokes about having sex with his daughter. George Bush snr is a well documented pedophile. Hillary Clinton is a pedophile who defended Bill Clinton and other rapists. The older presidents- the Franklin coverup & Presidential models. The crazist thing is all the Presidents are related. They all descend from the British Royal Bloodline. And the candidate with the most Royal blood always won the election. That's a fact
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
I heard that Clinton has visited orgy island many times but I have never heard the Trump did. Do you have any references to back up you allegations?
Firechidist · 26-30, F
@hippyjoe1955 I believe both the rape victim and his ex wife. And you think that's funny? Did you forget about the Bible verse that says a testimony is true based on two witness accounts? But you mock her. You should be ashamed of yourself honesty. You don't even know Trump but you are so quick to defend him.
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hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
@Firechidist What lady are you talking about?
SatanBurger · 36-40, F
I suppose it's along the same lines as to why are a lot of priests are sexually perverted? [c=#BF0000][b]Power[/b][/c]. And you're ignorant for even calling someone "homo" as a derogatory term.
SatanBurger · 36-40, F
@Firechidist I'm not offended. You talk to your readers as if they don't know reading comprehension. It would be easier if you just admitted what's there:

[quote]Every simge one is a pervert. [c=#BF0000]Obama homo[/c].[/quote]
Firechidist · 26-30, F
@SatanBurger Whatever. People know what I mean. And its not about power. The reason why a lot of U.S Presidents and people in the Vatican are perverts even pedophiles is because they're Jesuits or luciferians or masons or satanists. They believe in the rape and torture of children and all sexual acts that is against God. Incest beastility etc. You name it.
SatanBurger · 36-40, F

1. All witches are things that can burn.
2. All things that can burn are made of wood.
3. Therefore, all witches are made of wood. (from 1 & 2)
4. All things that are made of wood are things that can float.
5. All things that weigh as much as a duck are things that can float.
6. So all things that weigh as much as a duck are things that are made of wood. (from 4 & 5)
7. Therefore, all witches are things that weigh as much as a duck. (from 3 & 6)
8. This thing is a thing that weighs as much as a duck.
9. Therefore, this thing is a witch. (from 7 and 8 )
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Firechidist · 26-30, F
@WindOfAdolf True but she was very close
smiler2012 · 56-60
firechidist 🤔 if what you say is actually factually accurate it must be part of the qualifications to be commandering chief in the united states
Firechidist · 26-30, F
@smiler2012 Well I checked online and you can also check yourself. You need royal british blood to be a President
smiler2012 · 56-60
@Firechidist 🤔 thank you interesting 😄 so it is the brits fault is now that some American president alledgelly are pervs because they have british royal blue blood running through the veins [ this is banter by the way I am far from being serious here in what I am suggesting ]
Firechidist · 26-30, F
@smiler2012 Almost every U.S President was a Freemason or part of a secret society. It is no coincidence. In initiation rituals it is not uncommon that one must enage in homosexuality, pedophilia or any other peverse act. To get higher up the more abdominable things are expected of you. Don't forget that the U.S was/still is a British colony. The Royal Family has to keep the power in its own blood and family and if you trace all U.S Presidents ancestry+ they all have Royal British Bloodline. 34 of 45 U.S Presidents are direct descendants of Charlemagne, the ibrutal eigth century King of Franks. And 19 descend directly from British King Arthur III. Again that's no coincidence
NorthernRoses · 22-25, F
Obama wasn't a pervert?
Firechidist · 26-30, F
@Firechidist Howwas I arguibg like that? If what I'm showing is so dumb actually say why and disprove the evidence if isn't true. Instead of resorting to deflections and insults

Larry Sinclair offered to take a polygraph which he passed by the way which shows you he is telling the 100% truth. But you're both too stupid and ignorant to know that and actually do your own research so heres the whole press conference

This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
luckranger71 · 51-55, M
JFC this post cannot be for real. 🤦
Firechidist · 26-30, F
@luckranger71 Not everyone can handle the truth. You can choose to ignore it or question for yourself and research. Don't believe me check for yourself and see if I'm wrong
luckranger71 · 51-55, M
@Firechidist : Yeah Obama’s gay. 🙄. Please readjust your tinfoil hat.
Firechidist · 26-30, F
@luckranger71 What tinfoil hat? Lol. Because I stated Obama is a homosexual it must mean I wear a tin foil hat. Do you even think for yourself? Wait nevermind
there's something wrong with the question. you assume that all the presidents of your country were perverts
Firechidist · 26-30, F
@SW-User I'm not assuming its based on documented evidence
It's fact is it?
Firechidist · 26-30, F
@InOtterWords Yes its a fact. You can check it yourself
@Firechidist i don't believe everything I read
Firechidist · 26-30, F
@InOtterWords Neither do I that's why I fact check and question everything. I do my research beforeI come to my conclusions

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