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Hello I am new

I am new, what now ?
DiegoWolfe · 36-40
Well find you some groups you like, Now known as Forums, and start to interact with others in said forums as well as via the main feed to make tons of friends and tons of enemies as well. Then figure your political stance out and debate the vulgus Mobilee on here about the inherent moral superiority of your political stance over theirs. Oh also find some tasty mommas to oogle and perve at and make very sexually uncomfortable
Lostpoet · M
🧐now we play truth or dare
Welcome. Answer questions people post, post stories in groups you’ve joined, comment on posts, etc.
Roberthouse · 46-50, M
Hello just looking around, thanks ☺️
@Roberthouse Good luck. 😊
Greyjedi · M
What is your purpose in being here? What are your purposes for being here?
Roberthouse · 46-50, M
@Greyjedi have fun and a laugh 😂
Greyjedi · M
@Roberthouse ok but their are probably easier ways to do that.
sit back and watch,
Roberthouse · 46-50, M
@Roberthouse Hm, you have a sense of humor.. You can stay..
I’m new as well. I’m just checking out all the forums I think I’ll enjoy and answering some of the questions being asked. Having fun so far. Hope you do too.
DisturbOne · 41-45, M
Send as many D pics as you can before you get blocked ..
Roberthouse · 46-50, M
@DisturbOne whats d pics ?
DisturbOne · 41-45, M
Michmich · 36-40, F
Hi welcome, the other comments say enough about what you can do here so enjoy your stay 😁
This how you introduced yourself on FB too?
Havesomefun2 · 56-60, M
Hello everyone is new until now
Fungirlvape · 61-69, F
New anal virgin everyone line up

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