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I Needed You And There You Were, Thank You

From my “SW Comments That Make Me Swoon”, this random message, from someone I didn’t know at the time, stopped me in my tracks and moved me so deeply. Some members here have such incredible intuition...

“I have been going through old posts.
Last night and up to this morning I found my self on a journey through your intellect via your posts and stories. You have a very helpful, cheerful and postive way of responding here and it makes a difference. You are a remarkably upbeat, positive, inspiring, soul. You are sweet, you are kind, you are passionate, and compassionate.

Everyone remarks on your looks and compliments you on your beauty.
But I think they missed the mark. Don't get me wrong, your looks are remarkably enchanting, exciting, are a physically gorgeous, beautiful, beautiful, woman.

That being said, I think your true beauty wells up from your seemingly gentle genuine, warm, kind, and, dare I say, vulnerable heart. I think you have a strong, and a dynamic spirit that brings a power, and a strength into the weary and worn.
Your posts and comments here impact the community like rays of sunshine in an otherwise dark and desolate world.

You seem to pour your soul out to your friends and associates here. And that soul brings strength to the weary and worn. It brings a season of refreshing like a cool summer shower on a warm balmy day.
Your interaction here seems to start a banter full of hope, unity, and a bit of fellowship here that is other wise hard to get started. I believe words are beyond powerful and I believe your words here have helped many hurting, needing, people that have come across.

It seems to me our place in this world changes from time to time, person to person. I think our place has alot to do with our purpose in this world (which are two different things) and we take each day full of the life and the breath, and the very beatings of of our very hearts GOD has provided us, I feel our purpose, at least in some sense, and perhaps in a minute degree, our purpose is send the darkness of this world with our light, to destroy roots of cruelty, with the kindness of a gentle heart.

I believe that we, as little insignificant beings in this great big world, were put here to bring down twisted perverseness, with righteousness; I believe you are here to be a part of that. I believe you ARE a part of that. I think you are here to help others that are caught in bitterness, and loneliness, and sorrows, to help them make themselves back.

To help root out hate from the hearts of the hateful and replace it with love. I could go on, but I don't wanna get all preachy like.
I'm a Christian, or at least I strive to be, and my spirituality, doctrines, all my beliefs are Bible based.

And know this, there is indeed a purpose for you in HIS will, HIS plan. He has work for you. If I were to guess, I would say it has something to do with speaking, or words like a motivational speaker and or writer. You have a beautiful, powerful mind, and he created you like that for a purpose.

Go to the leader of our place of worship, and see what GOD tells him regarding you and your purpose. I have a feeling, what I have revealed to you, it is something already in the back of your mind.”
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
Whoever wrote that is a beautiful person...that brought tears to my eyes.
GlamGirl · F
I know...I was speechless when I first received it. It brought me to tears and touched my heart on so many levels. @Keepitsimple
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
@GlamGirl That speaks volumes about the impression you make here. 🙂
GlamGirl · F
I still find it hard to believe, but making an impact and helping others here, is very important to me. Thank you for your kind words. @Keepitsimple
Livingwell · 61-69, M
Very touching. Over time, I’ve seen a new you emerge. You are very warm and relatable. More importantly you are filling gaps left by other good people that have left. I love your sense of humor and deep thought. Keep it coming! 🤗
GlamGirl · F
A new me? Really? Well, thank you so very much for your sweet words! I can only hope to help in some small way, in the wake of others. Glad I can keep you laughing, and also stimulate you intellectually. @Livingwell
Livingwell · 61-69, M
@GlamGirl It there a way to clone your attitude? This place needs a bit more positivity..😊
GlamGirl · F
Thank you! How kind of you to say that! 💖@Livingwell

This post shook me!

Shook me because he spoke like a pure soul!

He must be a pure soul!

Beautiful words!

Literally, pept into your soul!

I think, this post deserves a round of applause!


RealtaReoite · 61-69, M
I love that one. Someone knows you well.
GlamGirl · F
Thank you so very much! It’s funny how you never see what others so clearly notice. @RealtaReoite
RealtaReoite · 61-69, M
You have a crappy mirror, @GlamGirl. That's all.
GlamGirl · F
So do you. 😉@RealtaReoite
AnthonyJ · 61-69, M
Right there is someone who really sees 'you'. 💖
Sepia · 36-40, F

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