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46-50, F
Simply a sweet, sensual, Southern girl, who is living a fabulously glamorous life.
I Believe People Come Into Your Life For a Reason
A kind friend, whom I met on SW, just when I needed to recently, shared these profound thoughts with me. I find them very comforting, and I hope they help others as well... "Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away, that th...
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46-50, F
4 replies
6 hrs ago
I Have Random Thoughts
As Prom Season approaches, it reminds me of how I was never asked to my Prom. I was the shy duckling in high school, with low self-esteem, who later transformed into a swan. I sometimes regret that I didn't go anyway. I've even had a ...
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46-50, F
21 replies
Mar 2, 2017
I Want to Be Positive About Life
What's the best thing that happened to you this month? Mine was stumbling into Similar Worlds.✨
46-50, F
25 replies
Feb 28, 2017
I Am Inspired By Kind People
When's the last time you demonstrated a random act of kindness towards someone? What did you do? Was it anonymous?
46-50, F
11 replies
Feb 27, 2017
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