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Hey what became of the 2000 mules documentary?

A) The film was pulled and the writer is getting his ass sued to oblivion
Hmm, my files need updating. This is what I had up to now. sorry, it's long.

I looked into the actual claims made by "True the Vote" and "2000 Mules."

True the Vote has said it found some 2,000 ballot harvesters by purchasing $2 million worth of anonymized cellphone geolocation data — the “pings” that track a person’s location based on app activity — in various swing counties across five states. Then, by drawing a virtual boundary around a county’s ballot drop boxes and various unnamed nonprofits, it identified cellphones that repeatedly went near both ahead of the 2020 election.

If a cellphone went near a drop box more than 10 times and a nonprofit more than five times from Oct. 1 to Election Day, True the Vote assumed its owner was a “mule” — its name for someone engaged in an illegal ballot collection scheme in cahoots with a nonprofit.

Dude, can't you see how weak that is? They never saw a SINGLE ballot being "harvested" and they didn't have any control data to compare to.

What’s more, ballot drop boxes are often intentionally placed in busy areas, such as college campuses, libraries, government buildings and apartment complexes — increasing the likelihood that innocent citizens got caught in the group’s dragnet, Striegel said.

Similarly, there are plenty of legitimate reasons why someone might be visiting both a nonprofit’s office and one of those busy areas. Delivery drivers, postal workers, cab drivers, poll workers and elected officials all have legitimate reasons to cross paths with numerous drop boxes or nonprofits in a given day.

True the Vote has said it filtered out people whose “pattern of life” before the election season included frequenting nonprofit and drop box locations. But that strategy wouldn’t filter out election workers who spend more time at drop boxes during the election season, cab drivers whose daily paths don’t follow a pattern, or people whose routines recently changed.


Oh, lookee here! "True the Vote" refuses to back up the claims it made, even under subpoena!!
Jul 12, 2023
The Georgia State Election Board is suing True the Vote over the organization’s failure to comply with subpoenas that would back up its allegation of a ballot collection scheme highlighted in the movie “2000 Mules.”


Here's info about a SECOND lawsuit involving "True the Vote." This suit was filed by a Michigan company called Konnech. U.S. District Judge Kenneth Hoyt (Reagan appointee) demanded evidence for their public claims from "True the Vote." In the end, two officers of "True the Vote," founder, Catherine Engelbrecht & board member Gregg Phillips, were jailed after being found in contempt of court.

Oct 7, 2022
In podcasts and elsewhere, True the Vote has repeatedly claimed that it directed “analysts” to hack Konnech’s servers, which the group claims were in China and thus proof of the company’s work on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. After Konnech sued True the Vote last month for defamation, Hoyt ordered True the Vote to turn over any Konnech data the organization still had and disclose the name of the individual who’d helped them obtain it.

The contentious tone in the courtroom demonstrated the precarious position the lawsuit has put True the Vote in. The group has spearheaded the spread of voter fraud conspiracy theories in Texas and beyond for years — most recently by producing the debunked voter-fraud documentary “2000 Mules” — and has faced very little accountability for it. Now True the Vote is trying to maintain its conspiratorial claims about Konnech while also denying accusations that it illegally hacked data or misled the public about the company and its CEO.

"True the Vote" did not substantiate their widely publicized claims of obtaining "hacked data" from China.
Nov 1, 2022
Engelbrecht and Phillips have previously claimed that they and their analysts hacked a server and gained access to Konnech’s data and that the information on the server corroborated their unproven claims of election fraud. True the Vote has not offered any evidence that they successfully hacked Konnech, or that Konnech was involved in any election fraud.

The court order, in part, required True the Vote’s leaders to hand over the allegedly hacked documents, identify the people involved in the alleged hack, and confidentially tell Konnech how they hacked their system. Englebrecht and Phillips were jailed after they failed to comply with those parts, by the judge’s Monday morning deadline.

And then there are the financial "irregularities" that enriched officers of "True the Vote."
Jun 5, 2023
On Monday, the nonprofit watchdog group Campaign for Accountability called for an investigation into True the Vote, which has made repeated false claims about voter fraud in elections. The complaint said True the Vote may have violated state and federal law when the charity used donations to issue loans to Engelbrecht, its founder, and lucrative contracts to Gregg Phillips, a longtime director. The organization also failed to disclose the payments to insiders in its tax returns, including excessive legal bills paid to its general counsel at the time, who filed election-related lawsuits in four states, the complaint said.

On the strength of claims made by "True the Vote," Konnech CEO Eugene Yu was charged in California with illegally sending data about poll workers to China. When "True the Vote" failed to substantiate those claims, all charges were dropped.
Nov 10, 2022
Los Angeles County DA drops charges against CEO of Konnech The abrupt reversal of charges marks the end of a case that prominent election deniers cited as evidence of foul play in American elections.
JSul3 · 70-79
It has been debunked many times. Now it has been pulled from distribution.

Publisher of debunked voter-fraud film apologizes to falsely accused man
Salem Media Group says it will stop distributing 2000 Mules, a documentary and book about the 2020 election by Dinesh D’Souza

Associated Press
Sat 1 Jun 2024 07.00 EDT.

The publisher of 2000 Mules issued a statement Friday apologizing to a Georgia man who was shown in the film and falsely accused of ballot fraud during the 2020 election.

The widely debunked film includes surveillance video showing Mark Andrews, his face blurred, putting five ballots in a drop box in Lawrenceville, an Atlanta suburb, as a voiceover by the conservative pundit and film-maker Dinesh D’Souza says: “What you are seeing is a crime. These are fraudulent votes.”

Salem Media Group said in the statement that it had “removed the film from Salem’s platforms, and there will be no future distribution of the film or the book by Salem”.

“It was never our intent that the publication of the 2000 Mules film and book would harm Mr Andrews. We apologize for the hurt the inclusion of Mr Andrews’ image in the movie, book, and promotional materials have caused Mr Andrews and his family,” the statement said.

A state investigation found that Andrews was dropping off ballots for himself, his wife and their three adult children, who all lived at the same address. That is legal in Georgia, and an investigator said there was no evidence of wrongdoing by Andrews.

The film uses research from True the Vote, a Texas-based non-profit, and suggests that ballot “mules” aligned with Democrats were paid to illegally collect and deliver ballots in Georgia and four other closely watched states. An Associated Press analysis found that it is based on faulty assumptions, anonymous accounts and improper analysis of cellphone location data.

Salem said it “relied on representations by Dinesh D’Souza and True the Vote, Inc (‘TTV’) that the individuals depicted in the videos provided to us by TTV, including Mr Andrews, illegally deposited ballots”.
trollslayer · 46-50, M
Yeah, but not before it became scripture for a prominent cult.
Piper · 61-69, F
It was, of course, squelched by the "DEEP STATE". Exactly who and what this DEEP STATE is comprised of varies a lot, but whoever and whatever it is on any given day...THEY did it, for sure. 🤪
windinhishair · 61-69, M
That's what happens to movies made by the Dumb State.
Kwek00 · 41-45, M
The best thing Dinesh ever did... was his review on Moby Dick.


... makes you wonder, if he ever read Moby Dick.
LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
So, it had a happy ending.

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