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trump just says the stupidest bullshit you're ever going to hear. Period.

"No water in your faucets. You ever tried buying a new home and you turn it on? They have restrictors in there. You want to wash your hair. You want to wash your hands. You turn on the water and it goes drip, drip. The soap, you can't get it off your hand. So you keep it running for about ten times longer. You're trying. The worst is your hair. I have this beautiful, luxuriant hair, and I put stuff on. I put it in. Lather. I like lots of lather because I like it to come out extremely dry because it seems to be slightly thicker that way. And I lather up and then you turn on this crazy shower and the thing drip, drip, and you say, 'I'm gonna be here for 45 minutes. What?' They put restrictors and they put them on in places like here where there's so much water you don't know what to do with it. You know, it's called rain. It rains a lot in certain places. But, now their idea, you know, did you see the other day? They just, I opened it up and they closed it again. I opened it, they close it, washing machines to wash your dishes. There is a problem. They don't want you to have any water. They want no water."
ChipmunkErnie · 70-79, M
At least he didn't claim the water wasn't flowing because there were sharks in the pipes.
Maybe Trump should try Lume, the commercials say it's better than taking a shower, that ought to solve his water problem 🤣
bookerdana · M
Most of the time hes in a dissociative state,just rambling on...his cult just nods
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