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After Biden Tells a Disgraceful Lie – The MSM Slams Joe with 1 Brutal Announcement

Last week, Biden told CNN that “[n]o president’s had the run we’ve had in terms of creating jobs and bringing down inflation. It was 9% percent when I came to office, 9%.”

In reality, inflation stood at 1.4% in January of 2021 and reached a high of 9.1% in June of 2022, during Biden’s term.

Biden’s comments drew rebuke and fact checks from several news outlets. Even far-left Snopes rated the claim “False” while normally Biden-friendly CNN observed that “Biden’s claim… is not close to true.”

The Washington Post fact-checker meanwhile, gave Biden “four pinocchios” for the claim, which the Post defines as a “whopper.”

No, Biden wasn’t making a “gaffe.” He told two outlets—CNN and Yahoo Finance—that he inherited 9% inflation. That is an outright lie anyone can see if they bother to fact-check. The country had very low inflation under Trump of just 1.4% when Biden took over.

Inflation started thanks to Biden’s policies and reached a staggering 9% in June of 2022. For Biden to repeat this false claim twice was a bridge too far for several media outlets. Snopes—a left-wing run fact-checking site—called the claim “False.” CNN hit Biden by saying it was “not close to true.”

The Washington Post gave Biden “four pinocchios” for the lie and called it a “whopper.”

But that was just the beginning. Biden claimed he lowered the deficit by “1.7 trillion dollars.” Social network X fact-checked this, revealing this “reduction” was the result of pandemic spending automatically ending, not action by Biden. Washington Post gave Biden a “bottomless pinocchio” over this claim.

Biden also said he reduced gas prices from over $5/gallon when he took office. The average gas price when he took office was $2.33/gallon. Again, CNN blasted Biden for this claim. Gas prices have been one of Joe’s biggest failures, thanks to his anti-fossil fuel agenda.

How many more times will Biden say something so wildly untrue, that the liberal media will have to penalize him?
Richard65 · M
Christ, he'll be claiming the election was stolen next....
The man embellishes. He probably thinks he is so powerful and charismatic that whatever he says, people will take as they say’ “as gospel”.
What he does not, nor has he
understood is the fact that not everyone “ drinks the kool aid” he offers.
boudinMan · 61-69, M
with the election getting close, they'll soon start covering for him again.
AthrillatheHunt · 51-55, M
I remember when JoeB defeated ghenghis khan .
Disgraceful is as disgraceful does.
I don't know, but it's nice to hear from what sounds like an idependent free press doing something that might not be totally bad for the people.
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